3. Misunderstand

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"Ughhhh" Joohee groaned as she picked herself up from the sofa, totally unaware of Yoongi sitting across from her.

It was 11:00 a.m and she was still and her drunken state.
Joohee scratch her dry throat, looking around for any cup of water nearby.

"Oh..... you scared me." Joohee finally spot Yoongi who is not happy right now.

"Hello neighbor!" She smile with her eyes half closed.

"Get out of my apartment." Was the first thing that Yoongi told her.

"This is my apartment though" She let out a long yawn.

"Nope, it is not." Suga replied and She open her eyes to look around the unfamiliar place.

"Oh you right." She doesn't care.
"Can you give me water?"

"I said get out of my apartment." He repeated.

"Aish why so serious......" She groaned.
"Oh, are you scared that Jimin will get jealous?"

"What?" Suga furrowed his brows.

"He's not here right?" She asked.
"So don't worry, I won't tell!"

"What are you talking about?" He grow impatient every second.

"I know about it, it's okay." She lays back on the sofa.
"I'm good at keeping secrets."

"I don't understand a word you're saying."

"What I mean is...... I know that...." She paused for a moment.
"You're gay"

"Huh??!" He jolted up from his seat
"What the....."

"Hehehe" She giggles intoxicatingly.
"And you have a thing with Jimin too. Hehe, I think I should called you Yoongay sunbae from now on."

"YOU....." Suga angrily grabbed her by the arm and push her up. He didn't like her at first, and now he know that he absolutely hate her. *How the hell can she assume something like that?!*

"Let go!!" She tiredly fight back but he was way too strong.

"First of all, I'm not gay." Suga forcefully dragged her to the door.

"Second of all, don't ever get drunk again because I will never let you in my apartment."
He opened his front door.

"Third of all, I absolutely hate girls like you so get out of my house!" With that he tossed her out like she was a bag of trash. However, she was too drunk to even care.


"No way........." I banged my head against the shower door a few times.
"Why did I do that!!!!"

Usually, a hot shower would calm me down after a hard day but it is not working today.
Unfortunately, unlike most people, I remembered all the things that happened when I'm drunk.

"Min Suga is not gay after all....."

"So he must hates me so much for say those words last night! Arghhh." I continue to bang my forehead on the door.
"Why was I born to be so stupid?!"

"....... should I say sorry to him?" But how is that my fault when the way Jimin hug is so misleading!

"Aish I don't want to go to class today..." I faked a cry.

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