25. Realize

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"Why are you leaving so soon? This is just too sudden!" Taetae pouted as he stared at me with his puppy eyes.

"Yeah noona! School didn't even end yet." Jungkook commented.

"I'm sorry I couldn't help it, I miss my home so much." I force a happy smile as Hobi and Jimin sighed.

"Be careful on the way, Joohee." The oldest hyung told me.

"Yup, I will." I nodded. I'm planning to buy the train ticket after school and leave tomorrow . So I decided to bid these guys a proper goodbye before I go.

"What the hell, Joohee is saying a goodbye to us but where is that Yoongi hyung?" Namjoon asked the group.

"Probably with his girlfriend." Taehyung innocently reply and Hoseok hit him on the shoulder for mentioning that.

"I expect a happy and brand new Joohee when you get back." Jimin spoke quietly to me.

"Yeah, same." I smiled.

"Here." Hobi give me two separate gift bags.
"Give one to my parents and their other to yours."

"What is it?" He received the bags from his hand.

"Gingseng. It's the brand that they like." Hobi put his hand on my tense shoulder.
"And tell them oppa miss them a lot."

"I will!" I quickly nodded.

"I'll see you guys in a bit. I need to put all of this in my locker real quick." They nodded as I gather all of my belongings. However, when I was about to depart from the cafeteria, I felt a vibration at the side of my jacket. I took it out from my pocket and the screen shows a message send by Yoongi.

Sweg Ahjussi: Come to the hall next to the main office. I need to talk to you.

I sighed, staring at the message on the screen and thinking to myself about what he would want to talk about. I put that thought of aside and decided to go there after I put these stuff in the locker.


Jihye quickly put his phone down after she saw Yoongi return with the cup of water that she requested him to get.

"Just go straight to the point, noona." Yoongi handed her the cup emotionlessly.

"Yoongi, I'm so sorry...." She didn't make any eye contact with him. Instead, she was staring down at her fingers that was holding the cup he handed her.

"I know it was immature of me to do that, but I couldn't help it. I only acted like that because I love you and I can't stand seeing any other girl around you." She blurted out.

Yoongi couldn't care less, really. He was too tired of all this. After that incident, Yoongi finally know the true side of his crush. No, his past crush. She was nothing like he thought she would be, an image of that nice girl he saw last year fade away in his mind.

"I promise I would never do that again. For give me please, Yoongi?" She grab a hold of his hand but he brush it away. Enough for her to know that the answer is no.

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