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Yoongi could feel his heart beating against his chest unconditionally. This experience is suppose to be the most beautiful experience to every human being, but to him, it's not that beautiful.

Yoongi give up everything for the last few days so he could spent time in the labor room with his wife. Today is finally the day that Yoongi can meet his son. While in the labor, he heard many thing that he never thought would come out of Joohee's mouth.

Yoongi saw how she struggled to breathe and push with all her might as she begged the doctors to get the baby out as quickly as possible.

"MIN. GODDAM. YOONGI, THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT YOU ASSHOLE! IT HURTS LIKE HELL!" Yoongi listen to Joohee's shoutings, not sure how he feels about it.

"I AM GOING TO CUT OFF YOUR * ONCE THIS IS ALL OVER !" Yoongi felt the most painful of her grips as she had held his hand throughout the hours of painful labor, he swore that he almost felt his vessels getting blocked.

But in the end, everything was worth it when Joohee flopped back down to the bed with a relax expression and a cry broke out of the atmosphere of that room.

Maybe it wasn't the most beautiful of experience but it sure was unforgettable to both Yoongi and Joohee. The sound of his son's first cry and the sight of Joohee's smile as she held him makes his heart races a mile.
The feeling of pure joy that he felt when he kissed her forehead and felt his son holding onto his finger.

Outside is Joohee's room, footsteps interrupted the quiet hospital corridor. A group of people appeared, all looking eager and excited as they then stop at a window. It was of course BTS.

Jin holds up a piece of paper with a name to show the nurse on the other side and she nods before wheeling in a crib. They all break into awes, looking at the adorable new born baby in his crib.

"Oh hi!! I'm your god mothe- I mean father!" Jin said excitedly.

"I thought we talked about this. I'm the god father! Not you." Jimin sighed. It's been 2 years since Yoongi's and Joohee's wedding but they are still arguing for that title.

"Damn, he looks so much like his turtle father." Taehyung says in a baby voice as he tilts his head to the side, looking affectionately at the baby.

Namjoon smacks the back of Tae's head and he glares at the guy.
"How can you compare that adorable bundle of joy to a turtle?!"

"Oh my gawd. My heart is.... my heart is.... omg." Hoseok begins to tear up as the rest just laugh at the overly emotional guy.

"Yay! Finally, there's someone who's younger than me!" Jungkook beamed.

"Look at the little guy~ Yoongi hyung is probably proud of himself right now... such handsome little devil!" Namjoon commented.

"Hai little thing! I'm your uncle Taehyungie!~" Taehyung makes silly faces in front of the clueless baby.
"He's so cute~"

Joohee's eyes flutter open as her body feeling exhausted and numbed. She turns her head to the side as she feels a light squeeze on her hand and sees Yoongi sitting on a chair beside her bed with a gummy smile on his face.

"Good morning, Joohee." Yoongi greets her and she responds with a weak smile.

The door opens and a nurse enters, pushing a wheeled baby wagon with her. She greets the couple as Yoongi helps his wife sit up and the nurse hands her the baby boy before leaving. He couldn't help but smile everytime her eyes twinkled at the sight of the boy in her arms.

"You look just like you dad Yoongi~ " Joohee chuckled. Yoongi sits beside her and plays with the young one's hand with his finger while smiling nonstop at his son.

"He was born at 3:09 a.m, a healthy 7 pounds." Yoongi said before quickly peck on her forehead.
"My wife did such a good job~"

However, the peace didn't stay for long as a second later, the door to Joohee's room bursts open and the proudly six uncles, making their was in with balloons and gifts. They were as loud as the day Yoongi propose to Joohee.

"Look who's here to welcome you to this world, Min Yoonho." Yoongi let out a small chuckle.

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