21. Awkward

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"Guys, a holiday break is coming up." Jin tried to catch all of the group's attention.
"Should we go somewhere together?"

"I don't think I can, I have so much homework to do over the break." Hobi sadly stated.

"I might go to Gwangju." Joohee commented.

"Can I come with you??" Taehyung excitedly asked.

"Nope." J-nope replied instead and the other guy pouted.

"I'm going back to Busan to visit my family." Jungkook responded.

"You're copying me again!" Jimin exclaimed.
"I wanted to go to Busan before you."

"You copies what I do these days. I was born in Busan first then you was born in Busan." Jungkook could only laugh at his hyung's silliness.

"I guess only you and I can go somewhere together this holiday break, hyung." Namjoon smiled.

"What about Yoongi then?" The oldest boy asked.
"Is he even here?"

"He's probably with Jihye noona now." Hobi replied.
"She's his girlfriend after all."

"What??!" The rest of group yelped except for Joohee who just wanted to rest. She wanted a moment of peace in her mind.

"He didn't tell you guys?" Hoseok asked.
"Yeah, they started dating."

"Yah." Jimin slightly hit her shoulder.
"You alright?"

Joohee nodded.

"Look hyung!" Jungkook pointed to the couple who just walked inside the cafeteria. The group looked to see the two walking closer to the table. The girl was smiling brightly while the guy was emotionless as always.

"Don't tell me she's going to sit here with us..." Namjoon mumbled.

"Hi guys!" Jihye greeted all the guys, except for the other girl. Yoongi sigh before sitting down in his usual seat. He try to nicely tell the girl that they should not hang out together during this time, but she still insisted to come.

"H-hi noona!" The guys let out an awkward smile as Jihye sat beside Yoongi. Everything was so sudden that Bts didn't know how to react.

Joohee look up to be greeted by the hateful look by Jihye. The atmosphere of the table is now quiet and awkward.
Jimin sometimes would take glances at Joohee, making sure that she is alright.

*She's acting weird today, too.* Yoongi observed the lifeless girl across the table. She kept stabbing the piece of tomato on her plate and look at it without eating. Joohee didn't want to eat anyway, it's the first time since years that she lost her appetite.

"Anyway hyung, where are you guys planning to go?" Jimin asked Jin and Namjoon, finally breaking the silence.

"Honeymoon probably?" Hobi laughed as he teased the two.

"We don't know yet..." Jin and Namjoon answered.

"How about you guys come with me and Jungkook to Busan?" Jimin offered.
"You can come too if you want, Joohee."

"Or come to Daegu with me~" Taetae smiled.

Joohee give a weak smile before responding "I already told you guys that I'm going to Gwa-"

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