30. Gwangju (3)

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"Mom, I won't be eating dinner today." Joohee told her mother who was watching drama on tv with her dad.

"I'll going out to see someone." She walk back to the kitchen to get something to eat before bumping to Yoongi who just walk out of his room.

"Good morning sunbae!" Joohee quickly greeted.

"Good morning!~" Yoongi greeted back with a warm smile.
"Ah and who are you seeing?"

"Just my high school friends." She replied. A thought then comes to her head.

"Do you want to come with me?" Joohee asked. She thought that it would be cruel if she just left him at home alone.

"Sure." Yoongi agreed. He didn't know what friends Joohee is meeting but there is a chance that a male friend might be there. He figured it might not be safe for her to go alone.

She scampered out of her room and skidded into a stop in front of his door. She cleared first, fixed her hair and clothes before nervously knocking on the door. As he swung the door open, she was then greeted by Yoongi who looked as handsome as ever in his casual wear.

"Ready?" Joohee asked.

Yoongi nodded before answering "Let's go."

They exited the house and began walking side by side on the streets as Joohee try to keep a safe distance between the two. But every time she took a step away, Yoongi took a bigger step closer.

"Hey aren't we sort of matching today?" Yoongi asked, looking at their somewhat similar clothes.

"Oh... we do." They we're both wearing ripped jeans, black sweater, and even have the same color shoes. The only difference is his sweater his graphic and hers is not.

"You look pretty like that." Yoongi shamelessly stated and she shyly bit onto her bottom lip as she unconsciously fidgeted in embarrassment at his stare.

"Thank you, sunbae."
Pretty? Joohee thought to herself. It's funny how Yoongi used to call her by the name 'ugly' before. Such a drastic change that she wonder if he's the same guy anymore.

Inside the cafe three people were grouped together in the table as they chatted amongst each other. They were Joohee's high school friends back in Gwangju: Ewon, Sungho, and Saera.

Saera turned her head and immediately saw Joohee and a guy entering the place together. The two were walking pretty close and seems to be comfortable with each other.

"Joohee's here." Saera told the guys, stopping them from talking any longer. Beaming, they raised their hand and waved at the two person. "Hey guys!" They greeted happily.

Yoongi was taken aback to see that it was only 3 people, but 2 of them are guys. Good looking ones, too.

Joohee's eyes sparkled when she approaches the three people whom she had been waiting to meet.
"I missed you guys!" She excitedly stated as she was greeted by the embrace of all of her friends.

"My little Joohee haven't change one bit!" Ewon ruffled her hair with a happy smile on his face.

My little Joohee? Yoongi scoffed secretly inside of his head at the way the other guy call her. He doesn't like the words little and even hate it more when that guy uses the word my.

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