17. White Day

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"Tsk, good for her." I mumbled to myself as Hobi and I walk through the campus. It's White Day and everywhere we go there's a couple holding hands or showing off the gifts that the boyfriend bought.

"Is that really necessary?" I grimaced at the sight of their PDA.

"Are you jealous?" Hobi laughed.

"No." ....just a bit envious.

"Just saying if there's a boy trying to give you a gift then immediately decline it." There's a hint of protectiveness in his voice.

"Oppa, I don't think anyone is going to do that." No one like this potato, Hobi-ah.

"And plus I am an independent woman. I think I'm old enough to decide for myself."

"No you're not. You can only date a guy if I'm approve of them." Hoseok insisted.

"Uhhh who says you can do that?" I asked.

"Your parents. Before you came they said I can have the right to act as your guardian."

"Well then what kind of guy would you let me date?" I questioned out of curiosity.

"I think some of the Bts guys is suitable."

"Like who?" Can that guy be... Yoongi then?

"I don't know, how about you choose umh? Besides, you sound really excited." He teasingly responded.
"So... who would you date?"

"If I were to choose one of Bts members, I would want to date..." I'm not sure if I should really tell Hobi this.

"I would date Y-"

"Shhhh be quiet!"

Hoseok and I quickly turn around when a loud sound interrupted the conversation. Not far away, Bts smile awkwardly at us in the nearby tree. Omggg I almost got caught!

"Taehyung hyung! You ruined it." Jungkook complained.
"We almost heard the answer!"

"Yah! What are you guys doing?" Hobi give them the look as they walk closer.

I made an eye contact with Suga for half a second before I quickly divert my gaze out of nervousness. Thanks god I didn't say it.

"We were just... trying to catch up with you guys." Namjoon, that was such a fake smile.

"Stalker." Hoseok spat

"Anyway what were you about to say, Joohee?" Jimin asked with the smart ass tone like he already know the answer. Nvm, he does.

"Obviously Taehyung, right?~" Tae smile cutely.

"Hahaha..." I laugh nervously looking at him, not knowing what to answer.

"No need to be shy, it's oppa right?" Jin sunbae blow a kiss toward me seductively. Yep..... wait I mean no!

"Hyung, let her answer." Jungkook stated and they all look at me attentively. Shiet

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