35. One Month

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A groan escape from Joohee's lips as she swipe the sweat on her forehead while staring at the recipe on her phone. It was the weekend and instead of being in her room all day doing nothing, she decided to be productive for once and that is baking. She notice that ever since she met Yoongi, he was always was the one who do the cooking and she never return that favor back to him.

Joohee was never good at cooking dishes but at least she have something that she's more confident in, baking. Since it's the weekend, Yoongi is already out with the guys and she took this opportunity to surprise him.

With all the ingredients are gathered on the table in front of her, Joohee immediately starts to measure out the exact amounts as stated on the recipe she following, and she mixes the ingredients together in an easy circular motion with the wooden spoon, her eyes never straying away from the swirl patters that appear and disappear with each move.

When everything was done properly like it states in the recipe, Joohee proceed to put the pan inside the oven and waited until it's ready for decoration.

After 1 hour and a half of baking and decorating, Joohee is finally done. She didn't forget to put to word 'Happy One Month' on the cake she just made. She then put the dessert inside the fridge then take a nap while waiting for Yoongi to come home.

After hours of hanging out with Bts members, Yoongi decided to ditch the group early and come home. His excuse was because he was tired but everyone seems to know the real reason why; he couldn't stand not seeing his girlfriend all morning.

Just a few moments of waiting and the elevator dings for the doors to open and Yoongi to step out.
Then, he quickly starts walking down the long hall way and knocks on the door of her apartment.

"Joohee! I bought you something~" Indeed Yoongi did buy her something while he was out shopping with the guys.

Shortly after, the door open up revealing the equally happy Joohee.
"Yoongi, come inside!"
She grabbed his wrist, pulling him in before closing the door behind them.

"What are you doing?" Yoongi chuckled at his girlfriend who have her hands over his eyes.

"I have a surprise for you!" Joohee said excitedly as she lead him to the kitchen where the cake located.

"Ta dah~~" She pulled her hands away and his eyes landed on the nicely decorated cake. It was so well done that he almost thought it was bought from a bakery.

"What? You made this??" His eyes widen, looking at her while the smile on his face never fade.

"I love you so much." He whispers before stepping closer and closing the distance between them, giving her a peck on her forehead.

"I love you too." Joohee sincerely reply as she grab the dishes, spoons, and a knife before sitting beside him.
"You didn't forget that today was our one month right?"

"Of course! I even bought you a gift~" Yoongi watches as she neatly cut a slices of cake for both of them.
"I can't wait to taste it!"

Yoongi picked up the spoon and didn't hesitate a moment before digging in. The moment he tasted the piece of it, his facial expression begins to change. From happiness to disgust. He frowned with all of the facial muscles he have and it look like he wanted to spit it out right this instant.

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