Cousin and Fun

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Maha P.O.V

The whole day went by in blink

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The whole day went by in blink. As we all were busy in sangeet preparation which is scheduled for tomorrow.

I was the incharge of food counter, cake, and the henna artist.

Moin was looking after the DJ for sangeet, home decoraters, gifts for the people who will attend the sangeet and list of people to be invited.

"Mum I going out for cake tasting will be back in hour or so." I heard a faint yes as I made my way out of the house.

"Maha..!!" I stopped in my track as I saw Umaima and Aunt Sadiya making their way towards me.

"Umaima." I was so happy to see her. She was always close to me. We hugged eachother. I said my salaam to aunt Sadiya.

"Where are you going..??" Umaima asked.

"Cake tasting. You in..??" She asked her mother if she can go and ofcourse she allowed her.

We sat in the car. Uncle Mavia was giving us ride.

"So how was life in LA..??" Umaima asked her eyes were shinning like she have no stress in her life she always looked happy genuinly happy.

"Nothing special. I had made some amazing friends thats it." I tried to get away from that topic.

"Thats it.?" She smirked
"No hot stuff..??" She wriggled her eyebrow in suggestion.

"Shut it Umaima." I blushed.

"Tell me tell me tell me..!!!" She turned towards me fully.

"Sit properly." I scolded.

"Please tell me your story. You cant hide things from me..!!" She pouted. I sighed.

"Their was this guy. I am not gonna tell you his name." She frowned.

"Stop frowning. I had fallen in love with him two years back. He was a guy every girl dreamt of." I smiled at the memory.

"He used to take me on dates every weekend. He used to bring me flowers everyday. Texting me every hour telling me how much he loved me. I was so happy. But...all of a sudden it all went downhill." I took a deep breath I had promised myself not to cry anymore for him.

"One day I found him cheating on me. He told me our relation was just a bet. I was just a bet for him."

"I am so sorry." Umaima hugged me.

"We are here Maha." Uncle Mavia said.

"I am fine. Just lets go." We went into the cake bakery.

"Hey. I am here for cake tasting. Can you please call Miss. Anabel." I said to the old man who was sitting on the takeouts counter.

He told us to go inside so we did. Their was only 2 people. One was a guy who was setting the pastries and the another was a young girl.

"Hi Maha right.?" I guess she was Anabel. I nodded. She asked that guy to bring some cakes so he did.

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