Desi Girl

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Maha P.O.V

After we settled our differences yesterday Miley and I had decided to go for shopping today. So here we are in the shopping mall with Miley's bodyguard trailing behind us.

Her father is top lawyer you don't know when one of his rival decide to attack his daughter. So he had hired a bodyguard for her. And my bestfriend got some feelings for him. He is quite handsome with all the muscles and that 6'2 height. He looks kind of intimidating.

She is totally whipped. But by the look on that bodyguard face you can't decide if he feels the same for her or is she just hallucinating. I didn't saw him smiling not even for once.

She claims that he likes her too. If that's the case than they will be surely in trouble. Her father will never allow her to date some bodyguard and as for her mother. She lost her mother when she was born so her step mother took her in. They get along quite well.

"Earth to Maha" LeyLey snapped her finger infront of me to bring me back from my trance.

"Uh..sorry I had just zoned out." I appologized. She made her bodyguard to sit with us and have a meal. So its just three of us. When we entered into the mall LeyLey started to whine that she is hungry so we decided to eat before doing the shopping.

"Dreaming about your bad boy." she raised her eyebrow suggestively. Now I regret telling her about David.

"No.!" I glared at her. She just shrugged her shoulder.

"That guy over there is so into you Maha.!" She hushed whispered to me.

"What.? What guy.?" I turned my head to my left and to my utmost surprise their was indeed a guy looking directly at me. When he saw me looking at him he smiled.

"His smile is so gorgeous..! And you both are matching how cute..!!" I heard LeyLey gushing about him.

"Shut up." I started to eat my fries ignoring that unknown handsome guy. He was looking handsome but not as handsome as David.

Why the hell I am comparing him to David.?!

Concerntrate Maha.!

"He is coming towards us.!" LeyLey squealed. Her bodyguard stood up ready to pounce on that guy but LeyLey pulled him down back.

"What the hell you are doing Troy.!" she hissed.

"What if he is a threat to you. I can't risk." he stood up again glaring at the approaching guy.

"Hey can I sit with you guys my friends ditched me." He said looking at me. To say I was annoyed would be understatement I was highly pissed.

"Yes.!" me and LeyLey said on the same time. I glared at her. I don't want to deal with any other male species in my life.

"errr...thank you." to my utter dismay he took a seat next to me.

"Lets do the introduction.!" LeyLey clasped her hands together.

"Hi I am Miley. I am a fashion designer. And this is my friend Troy." Troy cut her off.

"I am her boyfriend." I looked at him amused. So the bodyguard is having a liking towards my crazy bestfriend.

"Yeah my boyfriend." her cheeks were tinted red by now.

"I am Tahir Shah... I am a business tycoon." I rolled my eyes at him. Show off.

"And who is this beautiful lady beside me." I felt my cheeks heat up.

"I..uh..I am Maha." thats all I said.

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