Talking about David

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Maha P.O.V

I woke up at 10 a.m. today. Finally I got my proper sleep. I had decided to visit David because I really wants to know why he left me 7 years ago without even saying a goodbye.

I had changed into something casual making sure that I was presentable.

I had changed into something casual making sure that I was presentable

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I walked out only to be welcomed by silence. No one was their on the dinning area. I dont know about father but I thought my brother and Pari would have been here but I guess I was wrong.

I went into the kitchen and saw my mother making breakfast.

"morning mum" I greeted her and sat on the chair. She replied to me and got back with her work. I wanted to ask her about newly wedded couple but as soon as I opened my mouth Pari and my brother made their way into the dinning area.

They both greeted us. Pari was glowing. Her happiness were evident on her face. My mother called the maid and asked them to serve us our breakfast which she made.

Soon we all dug into our breakfast. Mother decided to break the silence.

"So when you both are leaving.?" she asked Moin and Pari. I guess they are leaving for their honeymoon.

"Tonight. And mom I had forgot to tell you I had extended the trip to 3 months." he said smiling sheepishly. I saw Pari blushing I wanted tl tease her so bad but decided against it. Mum just nodded.

"David will be here whenever you need something just ask him mumma." I felt my body heat up at the mention of his name.

"Yeah I know. He is like a son to me." she shrugged her shoulder but I knew she was disappointed because of sudden change of plan.

"When did he came back.?" I blurted without thinking. Stupid me.

"He just came here last month. Actually their house was empty so I had suggested him to move back here." Moin said at which I just nodded my head.

"And you know Maha he is a muslim now. He had acepted islam 5 years ago now." I was speechless. I knew he was interested in islam but I didnt know that he will convert. Alhamdulillah I am glad he did.

"Mashaa Allah." I said smiling. I felt the strange kind of happiness like I felt at peace when I heard that.

"Is he engaged or what.?" I tried my best to hide my curiousity but I really wanted to know about his relationship status.

"He is single at the moment. But I had heard that his mom is trying to do a peace treaty between him and her husband. She wants David to marry some of her husband relative. I dont know much but David was surely not happy with that." Moin said. I dont know why but I felt something broke inside me.

"Assalamu alaikum." it felt like I was dreaming. David entered into the dinning area looking handsome as always. The way he said his salaam I would have just melted.

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