Tree House

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Maha P.O.V

He came back and told me about the disturbing calls he is receiving now adays. Police were not able to trace the person because he kept changing his location and the number he called from.

I was worried but he assured me that it was nothing and I am still worried but I am not gonna tell him that.

"We should go somewhere." I whined. I was getting bored by just sitting into my room. David was busy doing something in his phone. He glanced up at me nodded and got back with his work. I sighed and laid down on my bed looking at David.

I wonder how can someone be so perfect. His jawline was so sharp that I can cut fruits with them. His nose was perfect. His smile is contagious he can lit your whole life with just a single smile. Don't make me talk about body. He just look so sexy I just feel like to explore every inch of his skin.

"Stop eye raping me Mahi.!" I groaned. Why the hell he have to caught me everytime.!

"I was not.!" I gritted my teeth.

"Sure" he smirked still looking at his damn cell phone. I dugged my head into the pillow feeling embrassed for getting caught twice in just an hour.

Suddenly there was a knock on my door. I jerked up.

"Maha open the door.!" my eyes widened as I heard my mother voice. I looked at David bewildered. He just shrugged casually.

Whats wrong with this guy.!? I got up and pulled him up with me.

"What ar..." I clapsed my hand on his mouth terrified if my mother hear him.

"Just shut up for awhile.!" I hissed at him and pushed him behind the door of my room. He was trying his best not to laugh which made me more mad.

"Maha what are you doing open the door.!" I heard her again.

"Coming Mumma I was just changing.!" I glared at David one last time and opened the door slightly. I didn't want my mum to see David and assume the worst.

"What took you so long.?" she asked looking behind me suspiciously.

"As I said I was changing. You can look at my outfit." and for the first time I am thankful that David made me change my cloths.

I saw her face getting back to normal. Her eyebrows were furrowed when she was investigating me.

I waited for her to speak impatiently "I had my dinner at my friend's house you can have yours." I just nodded my head.

"I am not hungry. Anything else..?" I tried my best not to be rude.

"Nothing. Good night." with that she left. I sighed and closed the door to my surprise David was not behind the door.

"David" I called him making sure not to raise my voice. I started to panic when he didn't answered. I looked around but he was nowhere to be seen.

"Looking for someone." my heart jumped at his voice. I turned around and started to hit him on his chest.

"You stupid." I kept on hitting him.

"I was terrified.! You duffer." he took a hold of my hand stopping me from hitting him further.

"Hey I am sorry it was just a harmless prank. I am sorry Princess please don't cry now." he pulled me closer to him wrapping his hands around me.

I wept silently. I don't know why but I felt like I lost him again. Which I can't afford now, losing him.

"I...I don't wanna l...lose you." I sniffed.

"ssshhhh I am here. I am not gonna leave you again." he whispered softly.

"Promise.?" I looked up into his eyes.

"I promise." he smiled and kissed my forehead.

"Come on lets eat something I am hungry." I knew he heard my conversation with mom and now I know their is no going back.

An idea stuck me. "Why can't we just go into the backyard and spend the night in the tree house.?" my eyes twinkled as I looked at him.

"Your mother won't mind.?" David raised his eyebrow at me.

"No I am sure she will take her sleeping pills and sleep. And tree house is more safe than this room of mine. We can talk till we feel sleepy and then we can go back home." I suggested.

"If its ok with you than alright." I squealed and he just laughed at my excitement.

Actually the tree house was made for Moin when I was not even born. Its his tree house. He used to never let me in. He had even wrote a sign near his bed I quote 'No girls allowed'. But I had went there alot and played with him.

"I will take some snacks and drinks we will need it." I pulled out my jacket knowing its too cold outside. I asked David to jump out of my balcony and wait for me. My room was on the ground floor so it was not a big deal to sneak out.

I went into the kitchen making sure not to wake my mother up. I took some potato chips some chocolates some healthy nuts for David because I know he will never eat my potato chips and last but not the least some soft drinks and canned juice.

Closing the lid of the basket I made my way back into the room. Locking the door I went towards the balcony where David was waiting for me. He took the basket from me and helped me to jump out of the balcony. We walked in silence.

Soon we reached the tree house. I squealed in delight as we entered. The smell of wood and soil was my favourite combination. The tree house was same as I left it but it was cleaned by someone.

 The tree house was same as I left it but it was cleaned by someone

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The tree house was small but cozy. I went inside removing my jacket I laid on the bed.

"Oh heaven." I moaned as I felt the softness of the bed. I heard a loud groan I whipped my head toward the voice instantly regretting my action. David was still standing near the door his eyes burning holes in me. He was clenching and unclenching his fist like he was controlling himself.

Shit Maha wrong move...

I composed myself sitting back wrapping my hands around myself. I wanted the ground to swallow me this instant. I watched from my peripheral view David moving towards me. He sat on the barstool placed beside the bed.

He cleared his throat. I looked up at him. Oh God this is so awkward.

"Lets play a game." he said making me shiver.

"what game.?" I found myself asking.

"20 questions.?" he suggested. I nodded my head as I wanted to know more about him.

"So lets start with you. Do you have a boyfriend.?" my eyes widened at his blunt question. I swallowed the lump. His eyes were fixed on me demanding the answer.

Oh God what I got myself into..!!!

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