Sex Talk

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Maha P.O.V

I parked my car in the school parking. It took me several minutes or hours to get back to normal. I am just worried about my kids. If something will happen to them God forbids. I will ruin Uwais and his girlfriend.

I entered in the school greeting several people I knew. I went to pick Mahira first. Her class was located on the ground floor itself.

"Hello Mrs. Beckham." Mahira's class teacher greeted me.

"Oh, hi." I smiled at her politely but it disappeared as soon as I saw Mahira.

"Oh my God.!"I shirked and engulfed my daughter in my arms she was sobbing silently.

Teacher was giving her sympathetic look.

"What happened.?" I questioned her teacher picking Mahira up in my arms. She dugged her face into my neck sniffing.

"I am sorry Mrs. Beckham, you won't like what I am going to say."

"Get over with it. I don't think that I can't fight off anything, troubling my daughter." I was angry. I can't stand my daughter crying so profusely.

"Calm down Mrs Beckham. We had already suspended the culprit and we promise you it will..."

"Wait wait wait wait wait. What culprit.? What are you talking about.?"

She was hesitant for a moment. "One of our school staff. He was sexually harassing her."

"What the hell.?! Are you out of your mind.? She is just 5 years old.! How can someone ...Shit." I pulled Mahira away and started to inspect her. Sure enough there were the nail marks on her arms.

"Mrs. Beckham we took care of..."

"Shut up.! You just suspended him without giving him severe punishment. What he did with Mahira can be done with any other girl. Its not just about my daughter its about every single girl out there.!"

"Ma'am please this thing shouldn't be out. Our school reputation will be ruined." I was disgusted by this woman infront of me.

"All you care is about your school reputation.? What if my daughter would have got raped. God forbids. Do you have any slightest idea what shit you are letting out of your mouth.!"

"The principal had told me not to confess it to you but I did because I am a woman myself. Please don't do this. I will lose my job." she was crying now.

"You know what. I will do whatever is needed to be done." with that I left the class with Mahira in my arms. I went up stairs and picked Danyal.

"Mumma, what happen Sissy.?" he asked concerned.

"Lets get out of here baby." I pulled him out with me as fast as my legs can. The school was almost empty and I was afraid. I don't know why.

Once in the car I set Mahira on the passenger seat. She was fast asleep her lips were still quivering. May Allah help her.

Taking the first aid kit I started to apply the ointment on her arm making sure not to wake her up.

Danyal was watching me intently but he stayed silent. I decided to make a call to Uwais. No matter how pissed off I was. I needed him now. He had already called me several times but I was not in my right mind. So I had just ignored his calls.

He picked up the call in just 3 ring like he was expecting a call from me.

"Oh God Maha.! I was worried ab.."

"Come home. We need to talk. Like right now." I said in a clipped tone and ended the call.

I sat there in my car. I was shaking with anger. I can't believe what I had just witnessed. I placed a kiss on her cheeks "I failed you baby. I failed you Fiona." tears started to blur my vision as I cried silently hidding my face into my hands.

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