Dinner with FBI Agents

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Maha P.O.V

David and the boys forced me to come down and have dinner with them. I was not feeling like to eat anything. I can't just forget that horrible night where I lost my brother. I need to take a revenge on every single person because of whom I lost my brother.

Specially Pari. She was the one who shot and I will make sure to give her the most painful death ever. She have to suffer. But first I need to find her and make sure the baby is ok. I don't trust that woman with baby.

As I changed into some decent clothes which Drake brought for me and made my way out of my room.

My head spinned as I looked around it was so huge. The never ending hallway and the floors above me. There were six floors above me and I was standing on the third floor. I looked down it was like a freaking castle. Everything screamed wealth. Even the room I was staying in is double the size of my room back in my house.

I didn't know where to go I just stood there with a awestruck face.

"Do you have any trouble young lady.?" A man in 40's approached me. He was wearing a typical black and white suit.

"Umm...yes actually I am new here so I don't know where the dinning hall is." I was embarrassed. I looked down at the floor like its the most beautiful thing in the world.

I heard him chuckle. I didnt dared to look up. He ruffled my hairs like I was a kid. "Come with me I will guide you." I followed him quitely.

He looked kind of intimidating. He was handsome with piercing blue eyes. And a height almost 6'5.

"So you are new here.?" I nodded my head but he was ahead of me. Feeling stupid I replied with a yes.

"Who is giving you the training little girl.?" he asked me descending the long swirled stairs.

"Training.?" I asked him confused.

"You are here for FBI training right.?" as we reached down I heard some laughter and giggles as he opened a long wooden door everyone inside of it went silent.

When we entered everyone stood up. I saw David and boys standing on the other side of the room. I was flabbergasted by the amount of people present in the dinning hall.

The dinning room was huge. There were almost fifty people or more. I don't know exactly. There were some girls including Scarlet. She was throwing daggers at me.

He went towards the head seat and said "Sit down." everyone took their respective seat. I didn't knew what to do so I just stood by his side.

"What happened little one.? Is their any problem I might help you with.?" he asked me gaining the attention of whole dinning room.

"I..uh..I.." David cut me off.

"Sir, She is Maha. I told you about her. She was his victim."

Sir.? Was it...oh no..!!

"Oh..take a seat Maha. Lets discuss this once we finish our dinner." they all replied with a yes sir. I sat on the chair beside him.

Everyone gasped and I saw David eyes widened in horror. What did I do wrong now.?

I was about to get up but George held me down by wrist.

" You will sit here from today onwards. Now lets eat." everyone started eating. I was thankful that the food was halaal. I ate my dinner. Soon everyone was done. We all stayed seated and waited for George to start with whatever he had to say.

"First I want all of you to introduce yourself to Maha." one by one everyone started to say their name. I don't think I will gonna remember. They were so many. I just smiled at them politely.

Finally the introduction part was done. Everyone was in black and white suit only the women were wearing casual. There were 15 women in total. Miley was not here. I made a mental note to meet her after dinner.

"Ok so what we have here now.?" George asked. David explained him everything. He stayed silent all the while just nodding his head.

"We can't do anything until we get a hold of someone who know about his hide outs." George stated. I was worried about my parents and my niece. I wanted them by hook or crook.

"Actually we have." I heard Drake.

"Than it will be easier for us to reach them. Who is it.?" George asked rather excitedly.

"Stacey. His former fling." my eyes widened. They had Pari with them and David didn't even told me about it.

I looked at David but he was looking everywhere but at me. You are in trouble Mr. Beckham.

Soon the discussion was over and everyone started to leave once George was out. I stopped Drake "Where is she.?" I asked him.

"Who.?" he tried to play dumb but failed miserably.

"Stop acting Drake it doesn't even suit you." I snapped at him.

"Woah baby girl chill. She is in the basement and you are so not allowed there." he stated firmly.

"Will see." with that I walked away.

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