Engagement Shopping

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Maha P.O.V

It all happened so fast that I didn't even had time to blink. After my answer he dragged me into the living area announced that he wants to marry me and they decided that tomorrow will be our engagement. And the date of the wedding will be announced too.

They didn't even let me speak as they dragged me here for shopping. Its 8 p.m. and I am sitting in a bridal store selecting an outfit for my engagement with my mother and sister in law.

Miley was on her way to here. I hope Pari don't create a scene.

Till now I didn't liked a single dress they showed. My cell pinged indicating a text.

Tahir : Can I come to see you..?? I can't wait till tomorrow.

I smiled at how desperate he is just to see me.

Me : Have patience Mr. You will gonna love what you will see tomorrow. I promise. 😉

My cell pinged again.

Tahir : You are not helping Maha.!

I just turned my cell off smiling. He needs to have some patience. Soon Miley arrived and I was glad she ignored Pari.

"Wow this one looks perfect.!" my mum squealed. It was indeed a beautiful dress. Miley and Pari also agreed. They pushed me inside the changing room.

I tried the dress and it fitted me perfectly. It was so beautiful. Than an idea hit me I changed back into my outfit as I walked out.

Miley, Pari and my mum frowned when they saw me not wearing the outfit we had chosen.

"Why are you not wearing the dress dear is their any problem.?" the lady who attended us asked. I smiled at her.

"No its perfect just pack this please." she smiled warmly and left.

"Why didn't you showed it to us when you wore it.?" Miley asked still frowning.

"Surprise baby surprise." I winked at them and made my way towards the counter.

"This is not fair.!" I heard them all say in unison.

"Everything is fair in love and war babe." I smirked at them.

"So what's next.?" Pari asked my mum.

"Sandal and jewellery." my mum replied curtly. Her fondness for her just vanished and I can't blame her.

"Yaayyy lets go..!!" Miley said overly excited.

We went to the sandal store. It was hard to select one because all the sandals were beautiful in their own way.

We selected the sandal which matched my engagement outfit. Finally it was time for jewellery.

I had decided to take only earrings and headset jewellery. Choosing jewellery was easier than anything else. You dont have to worry about size and all.

It was already 12 a.m. when we reached home. Mom made Miley to stay for tonight.

"Finally you ladies came. I thought..." Moin trailed off as his eyes rested on Miley.

"What is she doing over here.?!" he scowled at her.

"I am not interested to see your shitty face either. I am here for my bestfriend." she retorted.

"Moin behave.!" My mum glared at him.

"Lets go in babe if we dont want to spoil our night." Pari caressed his arm and pulled him back to their room.

I sighed "Sorry for that." I said to Miley.

"Don't be its not your fault." she responded.

"Let them be. I am going to order some pizza for three of us." my mother smiled at us and walked away to order our pizza.

"Its gonna be a long night I guess." Miley said resting her head on the handrest of our couch.

"Don't worry about them they wont bother us again." I slumped down beside her.

"I don't care about them." she muttered. I know she loved my brother and somewhere she still feels the same.

We stayed there silently till my mum came back with the pizza. After munching on it we both went into my bedroom. I gave her my spare pjs to wear.

Switching off the lamp I laid down beside her. It was already 2 a.m. and I have to wake up early in the morning.

"You know I hate myself for still loving him." I heard her say. I stayed silent because I had no words to say.

"Now I understand how fool I am to ask you to move on when I can't even move on from the guy who is happily married now." she chuckled bitterly.

"Just don't think too much Miley now you have Troy and I have Tahir everything will be fine. Just trust Allah." with that said I dozed off.

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