Happy Birthday Princess

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Maha P.O.V

Today everything seemed weird to me. Firstly they had kindly threatened me to not leave my room because there is some important meeting going on. Secondly I had not even saw David for once.

I mean come on man I didn't asked for your kidney.

Its 4 p.m. and now I am getting annoyed by their suspicious behaviour.

One of the maid had brought my breakfast and then lunch. I tried to ask her but she pretended like she is deaf. She didn't even glanced at me.

Damn George and his rules. Don't get me wrong I love him alot but he had ordered servants to not communicate with anyone. They are like walking robot. Heck even robot can talk.

I was so bored I don't even have a damn cell phone. I don't know what my friends had been doing. God I miss them.

Knock on my door brought me back. I got out of my bed lazily unlocking the door.

It was again a maid with a beautiful red gown in her hand. She handed me the gown I gave her a confused look.

She than handed me a neatly folded paper and left. I hate this servant service of this mansion.

Closing the door I went inside and kept the gown on my bed. The gown was so beautiful and of my favourite colour. I decided to read the note first.

Wear this dress and come down in 30 minutes. We have a meeting to attend.


I frowned. What the hell I have to do with that meeting of his.? I decided to get ready because the gown was so tempting.

The gown fits me perfectly hugging my upper body. I did my makeup going for a bold look I had applied a red lipstick. I know its too much to apply a blood red lipstick for a meeting but who cares.? I let my hair down.


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"Perfect.!" I smiled at my reflection satisfied with my own skill.

I was already 10 minutes late so without wasting any time I made my way out. The whole corridor was empty. I made my way down. To my utmost surprise. The hall was pitch black.

"Hello...anyone there.?" I called afraid of the darkness.

This was making me lose my shit. I descended the last stair.

"Anyo..." I was cut off mid sentence.

"HAPPPYYYYY BIRRRTTTTHHHHDDDAAAYY MAAAHHHAAA...!!!!" I felt my eyes getting moist I was shivering. The entire hall was decorated with red roses and balloons it was dimly litted by red and white colour lights.

"OH MY GOD.!" I gasped. This was the best birthday surprise I ever had. Everyone was there. Miley, Austin, William, Drake, Hasan, Keith, Troy, Dad (George) and other members. But David was nowhere to be seen. I felt my heart sank. But I didn't let them see they all were looking so happy I can't let my stupid heart hurt all the people present over here.

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