Get over him

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Maha P.O.V

"Oh my head hurts." the sharp pain bolted through my skull making me hiss in pain. I tried to open my eyes but it had only worsened the situation.

"Ah finally you are awake.!" I heard LeyLey.

LeyLey what she is doing here..?

I opened my eyes once again blinking several time to adjust my blurry vision.

"Water please." my lips were dry and my throat felt like a desert. LeyLey helped me to sit up and she handed me the glass of water. I gulped it down hurridly.

"Easy Maha we don't want you to choke on your water and die." LeyLey said sarcastically. Why she is behaving like this.

And what the hell she is even doing in my room.!?

I was about to ask her but my mum decided to bestow us with her presence.

"How are you feeling my child.?" she checked my forehead.

"I am fine mom. What is going on.?" I was literally confused.

"You don't remember what happened yesterday.?" my mum asked surprised.

And than it all came rushing back. David said yes to marry that girl. He called my mum. He is not mine. But it hurts so bad.

I closed my eyes for a moment to control my tears. I can't breakdown infront of my mum.

"I am curious Maha what happened yesterday. Aunt just said that you just walked away and than she found you unconcious on floor." LeyLey asked me worried.

"Yeah I too wanna know why you ran away from there.?" mum asked me sitting on the edge of my bed.

I said the first thing came into my mind "I was feeling nauseatic so I just ran into my room and than collapsed. I don't remember how that happened." I shrugged my shoulder.

My mum nodded and left after making me gulp down those stupid pills. But LeyLey was looking at me with narrowed eyes.

"What.?" I asked her looking everywhere but at her.

"Spill the beans girl." I sighed there is no escaping now.

"I am in no mood to explain everything. But you were right he don't love me." She looked at me sympathetically.

"Get over him Maha it will be best for you." I nodded my head. It was too much for me to handle so I did the only thing in my power to ignore the whole situation.

Suddenly my cell pinged indicating a text. LeyLey passed my phone to me. I unlocked my cell it was a message from an unknown number. I frowned.

Unknown : Hey gorgeous missed me..? Coz I am missing you badly...

I handed my cell back to LeyLey as she was giving me a curious look.

She grinned as she read the text.

"What should I do with him now.?" I asked her annoyed. I can't deal with him.

"Go with the flow girl. And he can be a great distraction from your heartbreak." I wanted to argue but she was right. He can keep me busy.

"Just chat with him. You will get comfortable once you know him. And he looks quite a nice guy to me. Grab the opportunity darling." She winked at me. I threw my pillow at her.

"I am not that desperate ok.!" I said to her. And no one can make me feel like the way I feel for David. He is just different. And the heartbreak he had given to me is the worst.

"Just talk to him you stupid girl I am not telling you to marry him. And I am going now your mum had called me here when she found you so I just came here directly. I am over here from yesterday babe. I need to go home." I felt bad for making them worry.

"Thanks LeyLey it means alot to me." I genuinely thanked her.

"Oh please stop with those stupid formalities it makes me cringe." I laughed at her expression.

"Ok ok now go Troy is waiting for you." I winked at her. She flipped her hair and walked out the door only to poke her head back in.

"Don't forget the details." she shouted and left. I just love this girl.

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