What is honeymoon.?

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Maha P.O.V

"Mahira, Danyal just finish your lunch than we will visit your grandma and we will be staying there for a bit." they screamed in joy. And jumped on their seats to get over with their remaining lunch.

"I would pack cloths mumma." Danyal dugged his fork into the chicken.

"I had already packed your cloths. And the sentence should be like 'I should pack my cloths' not would baby." he nodded his head absentmindedly. He is never interested in learning the proper language.

"Mumma, where is Bob.?" Danyal asked again. I was about to answer but Mahira beat me to it.

"He is on honeymoon with Hayat Auntie." I chocked on my chicken.

"What moon.?"

"Honeymoon. They had gone there to make babies." I just spit out all the chicken coughing. Our maid passed me the glass of water. She was trying her best not to laugh.

I gulped down the water and glared at Mahira. "Who told you that.?" I demanded.

"Mumma.." her lips started to quiver and her eyes brimmed with tears.

"I asked you something Mahira.!" I snapped at her again. She looked terrified. I never ever scold them like this I was always gentle with them. But this is something they shouldn't learn at this stage of their age.

"Uncle...Uncle William" she hiccuped.

"Oh God I should have guessed that." I rubbed my forehead.

"Mahira baby come here." our maid pulled Mahira in her lap and started to explain her.

"Mahira baby, honeymoon is for the married couples they go out on vacation to have fun and to deepen their friendship. There is nothing better than travelling to know someone. So thats why they had gone for honeymoon or I should say vacation to get to know each other." I smiled at her thankfully.

"But babie.." I cut Danyal off. I was in no mood to explain things related to baby making.

"Lets go now. Granny is waiting for us. Mrs. Morgan will you please clean the table.?"

"Yes don't worry about it."

I went towards Mahira who was silently sniffing. I knelt down infront of her "Mahira my baby Mumma is sorry. Will you forgive your mumma please.?" she looked up at me with her big blue eyes which always melted my heart.

"Don't say sorry...mumma...should not say sowie."

"Awwwww my baby." I pulled her into my arms.

"Mumma its not fair." Danyal pouted. We laughed at him and pulled him into my arms. I felt so complete. Having them close to me is the best feeling ever.


"Woah mother Teresa whats so special today.?" I was stunned by her mouthwatering dishes placed infront of me for dinner.

"My daughter had came to stay with us for the first time after her marriage. What can be more special than that.?"

She was right. I never stayed with them after I got married to Uwais. I was stubborn and I never wanted to forgive them.

"We can't believe you ditched us.!" four oh so familiar voice boomed in the house.

"Oh my my now we understand why she forgot us." Austin said dramatically. Giving me some nasty look they all joined us.

I rolled my eyes at their childish behaviour. "So mature."

"Did you say something senorita.?" William raised his eyebrow at me.

"Yes, we need to talk.! You and me." I glared at him. How can he teach something like that to my innocent little children.

Soon we all dugged into our food. The only thing you could here was knife and fork clattering. Dad had gone out for a walk with kids and they will be eating some junk for the dinner so it was just us.

"Where are the kids and George.?" Hassan asked my mother.

"They had gone on a walk, will be back soon."


"They were carving for some MC Donalds and ice cream." she explained.

"What happened Maha.? Are you okay.?" Drake asked me. Making everyone around us stop and look at me alert.

"What.?" I was getting annoyed by their stupid behaviour.

"Guys please, I am fine. I can never be good because I don't have David by my side but I am fine. So please stop worrying about me." I stood up and left the dinning room.

I went directly into the backyard and sat on the swing watching the beautiful stars shining in the dark night sky.

How sky can look so beautiful even without moon.? The stars spread around the sky like a sparkly glitter.

It reminds me so much of my life. I don't have my moon but the stars in my life makes it wonderful.

But no matter how many stars spread around me I will always miss my moon. My David.

"Baby girl." I wiped my tears hurriedly.

"Guys what are you doing over here.?"

"We just wanted to see you before we leave." they stay in mansion. My parents had moved out when they got married. This house was pretty huge but not as huge as the mansion.

"And you also wanted to talk to me." William said hasitantly. Reminding me of the horrendous thing he did. I narrowed my eyes at him and than glared at him.

"Maha you are behaving like I stole your husband's cond..." my mouth hung open. What the hell I was thinking when I decided to scold him.?

The dirtiness was in his veins. "Shut up you moron.!" everyone was laughing while I turned crimson red. I ignored them.

"What the hell you told Mahira about honeymoon.?"

"What honeymoon.? Oh..." realization dawned on him and soon his face turned into grim.

"Do you think it is good to tell them about the dirty deeds.? Why don't you think before you speak William.?"


"No please no if you have to talk dirty every time than please stay away from my kids. This is my humble request to you.," I regretted what I just said but it was too late. His hand fisted and he left with the hurt evident on his face.

I bit my lower lip nervously. "Please tell me I just didn't say that."

"Sadly you did. I guess we should leave. He is not a bad guy Maha. And we think we should also keep our distance from your kids may be we will spoil their innocence."

"No no its not.." I tried to say but Austin cut me off again.

"Save it Maha. We are people of gun and no filter mouth. So its better you keep them away from us. I am sorry William did something like that." he gave a push to Hassan and Drake. They left without even a glance at me.

Oh God why do I have to mess all the things up.?

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