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Maha P.O.V

David pushed him on the floor and started to punch him.

"Dave.." I cried horrified my voice was muffled because of the cloth around my mouth. He stopped when he heard me. With the last punch he pushed him down. Tahir was drunk he had no chance with David.

He came towards me "Mahi" he whispered and removed the cloth from my mouth. I was crying uncontrollably. He started working on the ropes on my hands. When my hands were freed I pulled him down into a hug.

I was crying I didn't know what would have happened if he had not came. "Everything is alright I am here please dont cry princess I won't let anything happen to you." he was caressing my back soothingly.

Suddenly I saw Tahir stood up. My eyes widened when I saw the scene unfolding infront of me.

"DAVVVVIIIIDDD...!!" I screamed as I pushed him away from me. I closed my eyes as the gunshot rang. My whole body went numb. I didn't felt anything. I waited for pain but it never came.

"Aaaaaahhhhhh you son of bit.." I heard Tahir scream. My eyes snapped open as I looked at the scene infront of me.

Tahir was on the floor whimpering in pain holding his right arm which was bleeding. While David was standing with a gun in his hand. I tried to stand up but failed. David looked at me and came towards me to untie the rope around my leg.

I was too shocked to cry. Tahir had passed out. David helped me to stand. I took a step forward when my eyes fell on the gun.

I stopped in my track. If the gun Tahir was holding is on the floor. Than whose gun was David using.

I looked at David and I knew he understood what I was thinking. "Its not a right time for all this princess. Lets go." he picked me up in a bridal style. I was too tired to protest so I let him carry me to my room. I felt warm and safe in his arms. I admired how perfectly we fit together. It was not awkward but comfortable.

It was late. The night was colder than before and our house was eerily silent.

"Can you stand.?" David asked me when we reached near my balcony. I nodded my head. He put me down and jumped up into the balcony than he held me from my waist and helped me up.

He opened the door to my room but didn't moved. He stood there blocking my way to my room.

"David move I am tired." I hugged him from back resting my head on his broad back.

He removed my hand and turned. I gave him a confused look at the sudden change of his behaviour but froze when I saw the person standing infront of us.

My mum came towards me and slapped me across the face.

"Mom listen to me please.." she cut me off.

"David leave my house before Moin or her father see you. I never expected this from you." She said with disgust.

He looked at me briefly and left the room silently.

"Mom please try to understand. Its not what it looks like. David just saved me from Tahir. Trust me mom please." She touched my neck.

"What...what are you doing mom.?" she slapped me again.

"Pari was right you are just a whore.! She told us everything." I got paled.

"Wha..What.?" I was shivering. I just wanted to curl up into a ball and cry.

"She was right. She had already told me about your planning." tears were visible in her eyes. I hated to see this I hated to make her cry.

"What planning mom.?" I wanted to know what type of vemon she had fed to my mother against me.

"She told me about your affair back in your university. Did I sent you there to see this day.? I had taught you better Maha. You proved her right. She had told me you will try to break your wedding off and here you are doing the same thing.!" my mum yelled at me.

"Mom I swear Tahir tried to rape me. If it wasn't for Dav.."

"SHUT UP..! just shut up ok. I don't want to hear your nonsense anymore. Tahir parents had called. You will be getting married day after tomorrow."

"Mom please don't do this he is a criminal he owned a gun he tried to rape me I can't marry him mom please." I fell down on the floor holding her legs crying and begging.

She kicked me away "Don't try to pull any stunt. I am warning you Maha.! And I am taking your phone with me. You won't get it until you get married." with that she left the room. I sat there crying.

I almost got raped. And here my parents are trying to marry me off to the same person who tried to take my innocence away. They just don't want to listen. They just assume the worst and punish me from the crimes I never did. I hate my life. I hate being a girl.

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