Biding goodbye

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Maha P.O.V

"HOW CAN YOU JUST DIVORCE HIM MAHA.?! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND.?" Dad yelled at me making me flinch. I had send the divorce paper at his place yesterday after signing and to my utter shock he signed the papers and send it to my parents house.

"Dad why don't you understand he is married now I can't just.."

"Exactly.! HE. IS. MARRIED. NOW. This is why I never wanted him to get married. But YOU." he looked so disappointed.

"Dad..." I went towards him and wrapped my hands around his waist. He was shaking with fury.

"I...just...Maha, Richard is after you I don't want any harm..." I cut him off unintentionally and regretted as soon as the words left my mouth.

"Richard is not after me. I am after him."

Dad pulled away from me and looked at me bewildered "What did you just say.?" he held my shoulder firmly.


"Maha, George come down lunch is ready." I thanked the God millionth time today as I rushed down the stairs. Dad hot on heels.

"Mumma, granny had made my favourite italian food." Mahira grinned at me. While Danyal pouted he was more of a indian cuisine guy.

"But I won't eat italina." tears brimmed in his sparkling eyes.

"What happened to my little avenger.?" his eyes lit up when he saw the boys.

They all greeted us and took their respective seats.

"His granny made italian food." Dad explained shaking his head.

" our avenger want Indian food. Let me think." Drake tabbed his index finger on his chin in the manner of thinking.

"Idea..." Danyal eyes lit up as he stared at Drake excited.

"But you have to make a little sacrifice for now."

Danyal frowned at him but nodded anyway.

"We all will eat at some Indian restaurant at night and the treat will be from me. I promise. But for now you have to eat italian food." his eyes lit up as he crossed the table and jumped on Drake making all of us laugh.

Austin and William fed him cracking some jokes here and there. I felt my eyes getting moist but I have to hold back my tears. Maybe this is the last time I am having lunch with them.

Soon the lunch was over and I was waiting for my friends to arrive. Everyone was in the backyard playing with kids. Dad has insisted that I should take some of his bodyguards with me but I declined. I need to be free.

I had decided to crash at my place with them. They will pick me up from my parents place.

"Hey gorgeous are you waiting for me.?" John flirted with me. But it was harmless.

"Yes who can say no to this handsome guy." I batted my eyelashes as I approached him. He was standing on the door frame. Looping my arm into his we made our way out towards the car.

"Wow am I dreaming or something.? Pinch me please." John looked gobsmacked with my behaviour.

"Gladly." I pinched him hard on his arm making him jump away from me and yelp in pain.

Everyone laughed at our antics. "Why so hard woman.!" he complained massaging the area I had pinched.

"You asked for it." I said and jumped into the car beside Nikki.

"Where to.?" Liam asked from the rearview mirror.

"Just get on the road I will guide you the way." this is the first time they are visiting my house. The house which David bought for us.

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