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Maha P.O.V

"What do you think..?? Do I look good..??? Or should I wear something else..??" I asked billionth time.

"Aaaarrrggghhhh Maha you know it that you slay in everything you wear so stop asking these questions again and again. You look gorgeous now come on otherwise we will be late." Pari walked out not waiting for my reply.

With a last glance in the mirror I left for the party. Today our senior had thrown a party.

Reason..?? Well they dont need one.

I had planned to surprise my Uwais today. He asked me to company him for the party but I declined telling him I have some work.

Uwais is my 2 years boyfriend. I love him and he do it too. He is the best boyfriend anyone can ask for loving caring. On other hand all the boys in our college just want to deflower a girl and leave them.

But Uwais is different. In these two years he never forced me for anything. He always say that he can wait all his life for me.

"Stop smiling like that its creepy." Pari glared at me. I laughed.

She is not the fan of Uwais she thinks he is a player and will leave me one day.

"I am telling you Maha he will hurt you." Here we go again. Pari is my best friend but sometimes she gets on my nerves specially when it comes to Uwais.

"Drop it Pari I dont want to spoil my mood today." I gestured her to drive and leave the topic. She sighed and started the car.

"Your wish.."

After that the whole ride was silent. I dont like silent treatment from her but I cant just leave my boyfriend of two years.

"I am sorry." I mumbled as I walked out of the car. It was already 7:30 at night. We have to go back to the dorm at 9 pm sharp.

She didnt reply and just walked in me following her.


Once we reached the farm house it was beautiful 2 story house. The music was on full blast. People were dancing and having fun. The good thing is there is no alcohol.

The lights were dim making hard to search for Uwais.

"You go ahead for your lover boy I will go and grab something to drink. And sorry for behaving rudely." thats my best friend.

She kissed me on my cheek and left. I started my hunt for my boyfriend.

"Hey Maha whats up babes..??!" I turned around to see Archer one of our senior boy and Uwais best friend. He hugged me which I returned awkwardly.

"Oops sorry I forgot you are not one to hug" he smiled sheepishly.

"Its alright Archer. Actually I was looking for Uwais do you know where is he...??"

"I saw him going upstairs may be in balcony. I dont know." He said appologitically.

"Ok no problem I will see for him upstairs thanks by the way." I left him and made my way for upstairs. I had came here plenty of times so I am familiar with the surrounding.

Checking each and every room. I found nothing except some cursing words from the couple making out in the rooms. I scrunched up my nose in disgust

I had just came and I am already tierd.

The only place was remaining. Basement. I am sure he will be there. I walked all the way down again towards the basement.

Thanking God that it was not pack with people.

"Hey Blake wait up...!!" I half ran toward one of my classmate.

"Maha what happened..??" He asked concerned.

"I...I was searching for Uwais...!" I told him breathless.

"Oh Uwais he is inside go ahead." He smirked.

I ignored him and went further inside. After greeting some friends. I gave up on finding him he was nowhere to be seen.

May be he had left the party.

"Ohhmp...!!" I turned my head so fast to look behind I wish I never did. Uwais was making out with our college slut.

"UWAIS...!!!!" I yelled and pulled that slut away from him. He looked shocked but then he smirked. Tears were rolling down my cheeks.

"Hey Maha.." he stood up but fall down again. Because I slapped him hard.

"What the ..!!" He groaned.

"Why you did this to me Uwais why me...!!! You could have just informed me if you wanted to leave me..!!" Till now everyone was gathered around us.

He pushed me towards the wall pinning me under him. I was disgusted by his touch I tried to pull away but his hold was too strong.

"Listen over here Maha. I never loved you it was all just a bet with the seniors to date you for two fucking years without having sex with you and dump u in front of everyone. Which I did now. We are done Maha." I pushed him with all my strength.


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