Confronting Stacey

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Maha P.O.V

Today I woke up with a determination to confront Stacey (Pari). I need to make sure that the baby is fine.

To my surprise David and the boys were busy in training some new comers. So it was a win win situation for me.

I just needed to go to the basement. I know there will be security and I just hope they don't recognize me.

I changed into a black shirt and white pants. I tied my hair into a ponytail. Satisfied with my appearance I went out of my room. The way to basement was in the opposite side of the dinning room.

I looked around making sure no one is there I made my way down hurriedly taking two stairs at once.

"Woah calm down there woman where are going.?" I closed my eyes in irritation. It was William. I turned to him.

"What do you want.?!"

"What got your pan.." I cut him off.

"Don't you dare to complete the sentence." I glared at him.

He shrugged his shoulder "I am here to takeout some juice cans for new kids and some beer for us grown ups. Wanna join.?" he winked at me.


I rolled my eyes at him. "No thanks I am good."

"Your wish. Don't complain to me when you won't get one." he shrugged his shoulder again and started to move towards the kitchen.

"I am not a kid.!" I yelled after him.

"I was talking about the beer darling." he winked at me again.

"Aaarrrggghh get lost.!" I stomped my foot. He laughed and went into the kitchen. Finally.

He poked his head back from the kitchen and said "Will you mind helping me with this cans they are so many." he gave me his puppy dog eyes. I wanted to smack his head to the nearest wall but I composed my inner jackie chan. And went into the kitchen to help him. I don't want him to get suspicious.

"I won't be serving beer. Give me that juice cans." I took the boxes of juice cans. There was 20 cans of juice while William was holding 40 cans of beer.

"Are you afraid that you won't be able to control yourself from taking a sip.?" he wriggled his eyebrows at me.

"Astagfirullah.! it is haraam for us to even serve the alcohol.!"

"But David drinks beer. He is a muslim too isn't it.?" he asked me. I didn't knew that he still drinks. I need to have a talk with him.

I didn't answered him so he just kept whining about how heavy the boxes were. I knew he was just being overly dramatic.

When we reached to the backyard where the training was going on. I saw David and others helping the new comers with positioning. They were already experts but for FBI team you need to be more alert.

I was amazed by the way they were not missing a single aim from any position.

Someone blew the whistle and everyone stopped and started to gather near us.

"Hey princess.!" David came towards me. He was all sweaty and it was making him look more sexy if that is even possible.

"Hi" I replied shyly. He sat down on the ground. William and some other guy started to distribute the can of juice and beer.

My eyes went towards Hasan but to my great relieve he took the can of juice.

"Here David." I heard William. David was about to take the beer but I pushed his hand down.

"What the..." he started but stopped when he saw it was me.

"David you cant drink.!" I stated firmly.

"Oh trouble in little heaven. I think I will drink this one too." William stated happily.

"And why is that.?" David asked me. He was annoyed by me.

"Because you are a muslim and muslims are not allowed to drink or serve or even produce alcohol.!" I reasoned.

"Does it look like I care.?!" he snapped at me. Everyone turned toward us. I felt my eyes started to welled up with tears.

"You can't just tell me what to do Maha. This is my life you can't just order me around." he snatched the can of beer from William and gulped it down. I just stood up and ran away from there.

I was making a fool of myself. I wiped my tears harshly. It was useless to waste my tears on him. He is bipolar.

I directly went towards the basement.

To my relieve there was no one except 4 bodyguards whom I had never seen. The bodyguards thought I was some FBI agent as they salute me. I just nodded my head at them.

"Take me to Stacey." I ordered them firmly.

Two of them asked me to follow. They opened the iron gate and entered, the inside was pitch black. They held the torch in there hands so it helped us to see the way. I was terrified but I didn't let them see it. FBI agents are trained to be void of any emotion.

There was a metal door. The one on my right started working on its lock. It was a like a safe door with password.

It opened with a loud click. The inside was dark the only light was illuminating from the bulb which was dimly lit.

I saw Stacey on the floor. She was chained. Her hands and legs were chained. It made me worried for the safety of the baby. She looked pale dark circles surrounding her eyes.

She opened her eyes when we entered. I asked the bodyguard to stand out. They can't deny my orders so they went out.

"Are you enjoying your vacation Pari.? Or better Stacey.?" I went towards her and sat on the stool placed near her. She looked up at me and smirked.

"Like your brother enjoying his vacation in his grave." she snickered. I slapped her across the face.

"You..!" I slapped her again. I wanted to kill her but I controlled myself. She is carrying a baby. I can't risk the last souvenir of my brother.

"Speak before I change my mind and kill you.!" I spat at her and pulled her hair. She screamed in pain but I didn't felt any kind of mercy towards her.

"Leave me..! I will tell you everything just leave me." She said. I smacked her head forcefully and went back to the table. Her hands were tightly tied on each side she can't even move them and her legs were tied together.

"Speak.!" I ordered her. As I set my foot on her thighs.

"It was all because of you. Everything was fine between me and Richard but because of you he started to use me only as one night stand. He saw you in some shopping mall with your family and instantly he got a liking towards you. He threatened me to be friend with you otherwise he will destroy me. I was afraid to lose him. When we went into the university you had fallen for Uwais I was happy but Richard was not. That's why I started to brainwash you about Uwais. But unfortunately he dumped you." she smirked at me. Emphasizing the word dumped.

"He asked me to lure your brother and than when your brother proposed me Richard told me to marry him. I tried to fight with him but it was all went in vain he was crazy for you. So I ended up getting married to your brother and your stupid brother got me pregnant. I wanted to abort this child but he never let me out of his sight." she said with disgust.

"Don't you even think about harming the baby." I held her face forcefully and looked into her eyes.

Suddenly I heard a very angry David.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE.!?" I am screwed.

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