Talking with David

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Maha P.O.V

Soon we reached the cafe. It was kind of cozy one where you can seat sipping on your coffee and your favourite book.

"Nice place." I commented as we made our way to one of the empty table. The seating arrangement was my favourite. They had those chairs with soft cushion on it. It was all brown and black also the scented candles were having the fragnance of woods and fresh trees.

The cafe was not packed for which I was glad. I don't like people watching me it makes me nervous and self concious which is really nerve wrecking.

"I love this place. I used to come here alot." David said with a dreamy look on his face. I wonder why it is for.

The waiter came to take our orders. I ordered my coffee with whipped cream amd cinnamon while David opted for black coffee with lemon on which I scrunched up my nose.

"You are so boring old man.!" he gasped at me.

"I am just 32 Maha.!"

"And thats what you call old." I laughed as he pretended to be hurt by my words.

"I missed you Mahi." this made me stop. My heart started to beat faster and the butterflies decided to shake their booty in my tummy.

Words died in my throat even though I tried to speak. My cell started to ring thanking the God for pulling me out from the awkwardness. I excused myself and received the call without even checking the caller ID.

"Hey babes.!" I heard the person and then I decided to check the caller name.

"Oh hi Liam." David eyes snapped up at me like I had pour a bucket of cold water on him.

"You forgot us didnt you.?!" he accused making me chuckle I knew that whole gang was with him and my call was probably on speaker.

"No how can I forget someone so strikingly handsome." I said in a flirtatious voice.

"Only if you said it all before I got my girlfriend pregnant." he sighed dramatically.

"Oh shut it.!" I blushed. I heard someone clear their throat bringing me back to the reality. I cursed myself as I saw David watching me with his jaw clenched.

I didn't heard what Liam was saying as I just said goodbye and hung up.

"I am sorry it was just a friend." I muttered looking everywhere but at him.

"Sure just a friend." He said sarcastically. I was mentally cursing myself for flirting with Liam I don't know what came over me. I never did something like that.

I was thankful that the waiter arrived with our drinks. I started to sip on my coffee hastily which I regret because it burned my tongue.

"Ahhh" I whimpered as the liquid burned through my throat.

"Hey slow down there. Are you ok.?" David was by my side with a glass of water which I drank greedily. I muttered a thanks he got back to his seat making sure I was fine.

The silence engulfed us. He was sipping on his coffee and I was doing the same. We were watching the rustle bustle of the town outside the cafe.

"Who is he to you.?" he broke the silence. I knew what he is been talking about.

"My friend. He is one of the guy from my college. And he is going to be a father soon." I don't know why I told him all this. I felt him visibly relax on his seat.

"I need some answers David." he motioned me to continue.

"Why did you left.?" this is the only thing bothering me. He left me without even a goodbye.

He sighed and rubbed his forehead. "Ok I will start from the beginning." I nodded as he leaned onto the table.

"Their were several reasons for me to leave this town. I had got the job I wanted they had called me for training. You know how much I had worked for it. I had to earn my own money to pay for my studies. My father had only left me that house nothing else than my mother also stopped visiting me because her husband thought I will spoil his son. My champ." he chuckled homourlessly making me shiver.

"I was going through hard times. Your family was by my side and I was really very thankful. Specially you my sunshine." he pinched my nose with his finger and smiled at me.

"When I moved out. I didn't have the heart to say goodbye to you. I had also said to Moin and Aunt to let you know once I had left. It was hard for me trust me Mahi." He held my hand.

I still remember that awful morning when my mother told me about him. I had ran towards his doorsteps bare foot knocking frantically hoping for him to open the door. I was just 14 years old. I was crazy for him.

"Hey I am sorry please don't cry. I don't want to make you cry. I can't see you crying. Please." he came to myside and pulled me into a hug. I didnt knew I was crying.

"Its...its ok...I understand." I sniffed. I felt like a little girl again. He made sure that I had stopped crying he sat back but he kept holding my hand. Suddenly I felt cold I missed his warmth.

"You know I had suffered alot when you left me. I was not able to sleep for months I felt nothing but emptiness. You were everything to me David. My bestfriend my protecter. My life had went completely downhill. I had started to do...." I stopped myself before spilling all the beans. His hold on my hand tighten as he inhaled sharply.

"Ok now enough of my sappy story. I need to be home before dark. Can you please drop me now.?" I needed to cry to let it all out. He is finally by my side but I feel empty like their is something missing.

He paid for the coffee and we made our way out. It was getting dark already. I hope mum dont see us together she will throw tantrum and ask useless questions.

The car ride was silent. I asked him for his number at which he handed me his cell and told me to do it myself I rolled my eyes at his laziness.

Finally we reached at his place he parked the car and we decided to take a walk till my house. He didn't want me to go alone because it was getting dark.

"So..." he trailed off.

"So..?" I raised my eyebrow at him. We were walking down the lane in the chilly winter air. I loved this weather.

"We should meet again. If its ok with you." he asked unsure of my reaction.

"Ofcourse we will. Their is alot to catch up. Perks of being away for almost 8 years." I chuckled. He smiled at me genuinely.

"Yeah I am sorry again princess. I never wanted to hurt you." he said as we stopped outside the gate of my house.

"Dont be sorry David. We all do things which we feel right at that time. I guess I would have never let you go if you had told me." I was selfish back then I am one thousand percent sure I would have never let him go.

"I hope to see you soon. As you said we need to catch up." I said and ran inside blushing furiously. I heard him chuckling. I never want to leave when he is with me, his scent makes me go fuzzy. I wish to stay with him in his arms for the rest of my life.

I saw the lights on indicating my mum was home. I quickly went into my room changing into my night wear. I lay down into my bed smiling like an lunatic. My cell pinged.

My badboy: Good night Princess...

Yes I had saved his name as my badboy because he is mine. I don't know what future holds for us but for now he is mine.

Only Mine...

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