Missing Him

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Maha P.O.V

The whole day went by but there was no trace of David. He didn't even texted me. My hands were itching to reach out for my cell and demand answers from him about his whereabouts but I guess it will be little too much.

It was already 7 p.m. Literally I have nothing to do. Mum had went out to meet some of her friends living me all by myself.

I wanted to go out with David again but how.?

I groaned and dug my head into the pillow. My darling bestfriend is on her honeymoon because of her, I am back into this hell hole. I wanted to run away, back to my college. This feeling is so damn frustrating.

I heard a knock on my room. Thinking its one of our maid I opened the door.

My eyes widened in surprise. Standing on my door frame was none other than my handsome bad boy.

He was wearing tshirt sportswear shorts and sneakers

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He was wearing tshirt sportswear shorts and sneakers. His tattoo were on full display. I wanted to touch them so badly. My eyes fell on his perfect sculpted abs. I gulped at the site it looks delicious.

Wait what..?! Astagfirullah

"Done checking me out.?" he smirked. I felt my cheeks burn with embrassment.

I composed myself and moved aside to let him into my room.

"In your dreams." I muttered still feeling ashamed of my own thoughts. How can I be so bold. That thought was completely ridiculous.

He sat on the couch near my bed looking around. He had already came into my room several time when I was little.

"Nice room. I thought your room would be more barbie type like it used to be, but I am impressed princess." he commented looking directly into my eyes. I blushed and thanked him. The silence engulfed us. We didn't say anything I could feel his eyes on me but I didn't dare to look up.

"Princess." he was the first to speak. I hummed in response still picking on my nails. My mind was in haze he was making me feel things I never felt.

"Please go and change into something less revealing. You are making me uncomfortable." I squirmed under his heated gaze on me blushing furiously.

I had totally forgot about my outfit

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I had totally forgot about my outfit. Without even answering him I rushed towards my wardrobe pulling out a plain gown. I went directly into my bathroom closing the door and locking it. I felt like my heart will burst out any second now.

I looked into the mirror. My cheeks were red as tomato. Placing my hand on both of my cheeks I tried to make it normal. That was so embrassing. I should have wore something appropriate. Why am I so stupid.?

Striping down my cloths I wore the simple gown which reached the ground. It was always like this he hated when I wore something more revealing. But today it was different. I saw something different in his eyes like he was having a battle within him.

 I saw something different in his eyes like he was having a battle within him

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With a thumping heart I made my way out. I wanted to know why he is here. I am sure he is aware that mum is not home than why he came.

I saw him standing near the balcony his gaze was fixed on the night sky. I went towards him making sure to put some distance between us. I stood on the other side.

"They are so fascinating." he whispered more to himself.

"They are." I looked up at the sky covered with stars.

"I miss my dad." I heard him. My heart squeezed at his sudden revelation.

"Just forget it that I said." he sighed and started to make his way out but I held his wrist making him stop. His body tensed under my touch.

"You can tell me anything David you know." I wanted him to open up to me. To tell me what hurts him to tell me everything going into his mind.

I waited for him to answer but he didn't. I went forward and turned him around to face me. Thats when I saw how old he looked. He was just 32 but those finelines on his forehead made him look older. His eyes were red and puffy like he is been crying.

"David" I whispered and caressed his cheeks he leaned into my touch like a baby. I felt something broke inside me. He was so strong he never let his walls down. But now he is standing here infront of me looking so vulnerable.

"What happened.?" he closed his eyes and let out a shaky breath.

"Today was my father's death anniversary." those words were enough to shake my whole world. I can never imagine losing my parent. I know I get irritated with them and they treat me unjustly but still I love them to death.

"I am sorry." I know sorry will not gonna cease the pain he was feeling. He took my hand in his intertwining our fingers.

"My mother didn't came. She didn't even came to see her husband. She left me. She had stopped visiting me because that retard husband of her thought I was some disease which will gonna ruin his son." a shiver ran down my spine. His words were strong.

I was shocked that Mrs. Beckham will do something like this. I remember her visiting him every weekend with her son. I never met his son because I was jealous. He was taking away David from me. It was childish and thats what explains my situation.

I closed the distance between us by wrapping my hand around his waist. His body tensed for a while he didn't even moved but than he placed his chin on my head and wrapped his hands around my shoulder.

We just stood there in eachother arns feeling the heart beats. His body was warm so warm that I can stay in his arms for the rest of my life without even complaining.

The one thing I realized as we hugged that my body fits perfectly to his. It felt like I was meant to be here in his arms. His abs were mocking me as they poked my skin. I wanted to run my hands on his chest devouring every inch of those abs. I wanted to feel him. We were so close but still their was much more to explore. I know this was wrong. My mind was screaming to pull away but my heart was stubborn.

His cell started to ring. He pulled away suddenly like I burned him. He pulled out his cell and went out of my room directly without even glancing back at me.

I felt empty like a part of me was taken away from me. Making me realize I wanted more. I wanted more of him. I carved for him when I was little and still I want him. Only him.

I was standing there on the same spot dumbfounded. He left me alone without even a word. After what we just shared he left. I felt anger rising in me all of a sudden.

And what the hell is wrong with me.? Why I was fantasizing about him.? What he is even doing to me again.?

I heard my door open again and he entered. All the anger I felt awhile ago evaporated.

"Why are you still standing there Mahi.?" all the blood rushed to my face. How can I be so stupid again.?

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