Secrets and Surprise

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Maha P.O.V

After discovering the big news. The huge question set like a burden on my shoulder.

How to tell David about it.?

"Why don't you ask your mother for help.?" Miley suggested.

"Do you think she will not freak out.?"

"Of course she will. But you have to tell her anyway so why not now.?" She was right. I can't hide my pregnancy from her. After all she is my mother and she is experienced in this field.

"Ok I will just go and see what she have to say in this." She grinned at me.

"And please don't leave Mahira on her own. I will be quick."

"She is like my own daughter. So stop preaching me how to takecare of her." she snapped.

"Sorry I didn't meant it like that." I apologized.

"Just because you are pregnant." she glared at me making me laugh.

"Fortunately.!" with that I left the room.

My mother was on the ground floor because she still needs her wheel chair to move around.

I was about to knock her room door when I heard some voices.

"We still have time. We can make it work.!" a male voice said.

Male voice.?

"Are you insane.? I have a daughter for God sake. I can't just marry you George.!" my eyes widened in shock at what I had just heard.

George and my mother.

Dad and my mother.

Without thinking I barged into her room.

Dad was sitting on the edge of the bed while my mother was half laying on bed. He stood up when he saw me.

"Maha..." my mother paled.

"What the hell is going on over here.?!"  I snapped at them.

They were looking everywhere but at me.

"I asked something.!"


"Cut the crap mother.! I thought you loved father. Even though I hate him. He was still my father." my cheeks started to get wet because of the unnecessary tears.


"Don't yell at her Hiba. She is reacting the way anyone in her place would have. We need to explain everything to her." Dad said.

"What's their to explain dad.?" I glared at him. I don't know why I am reacting like this.

"Will you sit and listen to us young lady.!" Dad snapped at me.

I glared at them and sat on the chair placed near her bed.

"You have to listen to us without interrupting." mom warned me. I just rolled my eyes at her.

"We knew eachother from our teenage years. We were in the same college." Dad started.

"Your father was also our classmate. I had fallen for your mother since I first saw her. But she was not the easy nut to crack." he chuckled while my mother smiled fondly at him. Ok not being rude but I felt like puking.

"I still remember when she stepped out of the car with her father. She walked with grace stomping my heart under her feet in the process. Your father was always my competitor he hated me. And when he came to know about me being in love with your mother. He snatched her away from me. The day I was about to propose her. He beat me to it and proposed her. I was standing in the crowd of hundreds of students cheering for her to say yes. And when she did my whole world shattered." when he finished I had tears in my eyes and mother was stroking his arm in comforting manner. He looked so sad like he is living in that moment.

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