I'll be waiting

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Maha P.O.V

I woke up with a stiff neck, puffy eyes, stuffy nose and the worst headache. All thanks to David Beckham. I don't even want to think about him. I did my morning routine quickly and put on beat girl top paired with shorts.

 I did my morning routine quickly and put on beat girl top paired with shorts

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I know it will piss him off and I want that. It was already 9 a.m and I am sure he will be here anytime now. Taking a quick glance at myself in the mirror I walked out.

My mum was in kitchen preparing our breakfast as usual. I greeted her and sat on the chair waiting for my breakfast to be served.

"Are you ok.?? I mean your eyes are puffy and red. Were you crying.?" my mother asked concerned.

"Nope its just I was up till late at night." it was not a lie.

Mum was about to say something but our maid interupted her. Which I was thankful for. She served the breakfast to us and left.

"Your shorts are too short Maha. Its time you should grow up and stop wearing this kind of cloths you are not a kid anymore." I sighed as she kept on complaining about my cloths. I dig into my breakfast blocking her voice out. I was not being rude but I have some stuff going on into my mind and she is not helping.

Her rambling was cut short by none other than devil himself.

"Assalamu alaikum" he greeted us and kissed my mum on cheeks.

"Wallekum assalam son. Sit I will make something for you." my mum excused herself.

I was playing with my scrambled eggs. I had lost the apptiete to eat. He came towards me and kissed me on my cheeks. I didn't said anything even though my inner self was jumping in excitement. He took a seat beside me.

"Silent treatment..hmm I see." he said and pretended to think. I just ignored him.

"What should I do.? What should I do.? What should I do.?" I widened my eyes as I knew what he will going to do next.

He smirked and "NO.!" I yelped as his fingers made the contact with my stomach. It was my weakness and he knew it damn too well. He always did it when I was little.

He was tickling me."Tell me you will talk to me or else." he said I fell on the floor but he kept on tickling. I was feeling breathless.

"Please stop...Aaaahh David stop.." I was giggling and squirming under his touch.

"Promise me you will talk with me." he said again.

"Ok ok I will now please stop." I was gasping for air. He finally stopped and was smirking at me.


"Maha what are you doing down there.?" My mum voice boomed in. I stood up composing myself.

"She fell down Sweetheart." yes he calls her sweetheart. My mum raised her eyebrow at me I just shrugged and sat back on the chair. I had finished my breakfast and was about to go when David decided to break the silence.

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