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Maha P.O.V

After puking my guts out I decided to finally take a test.

I had even missed my periods which is a huge sign.

I called Miley and after five rings she answered my call.

"Sup babe.?" She asked yawning. Its just 8 in the morning. I should have waited, but me.

"I want you here ASAP.!" I said with urgency laced in my voice.

"What happened Maha.? Are you alright.?" I sighed and rubbed my forehead.

"No I am not. Will you please just come over.?" I was in no mood to explain her everything.

"Okkaaayyy." she drawled.

"And yeah please buy me some pregnancy test kit before crashing over here." before she could ask something else I hung up.

This is so nerve wrecking. I don't even know what I will do if I got pregnant. We never discussed about having a child and I guess things are going too fast.

David had went down after asking me to join them. Today Dad had decided that everyone will have breakfast together. I had went into the bathroom to take a shower but ended up puking.

Feeling lazy I just took a quick shower and put on a hoodie which said 'Deal with it' and paired it with black skinny leggings.

I didn't even bothered to dry my hairs. I just left them open. It was not water dripping wet but its just damp.

I went down directly into the dinning room. Unlike my first time the dinning hall was full of chit chat and laughter.

Dad was sitting on the head chair with my mother on his left.

Wait. What the hell she is doing beside him.?

They were busy in their own world. Dad was saying something to her while she was blushing and smiling shyly.

What the heck.?

My eyes landed on the particular someone and my blood boiled. I felt steem going off my ears.

"GET YOUR FILTHY HANDS OFF MY HUSBAND.!" I literally screamed at Scarlet. She was touching his arms and shoulder and he was trying his best to get rid of her.

His eyes widened when he saw me approaching them. Scarlet was smirking at me not moving a bit.

Well that's it.

I stomped towards them and swat her hand from his shoulder.

"Don't. You. Dare." I hissed at her.

"What happened darling.? I was just trying to give him a massage." she bit her lower lip seductively and batted her eyelashes at David.

"Well...I never asked you for any kind of massage Scarlet. Not that I remember of." David stood beside me and pulled me closer to him by my waist.

Now I was the one smirking at her. She looked like someone kicked her. Well I did.

Not literally.

"You..!" She started but than decided against it and glared at me than left.

"Sometimes I want to just kick her out." Dad muttered.

"What are you waiting for.?" ok I am acting a bit mean.

He sighed and gestured me to sit beside him on my usual seat. I went towards him.

"Actually she is orphan. Her parents died in a plane crash coming back from Paris. She was staying with us at that time. So I adopted her. But she visit her maternal grandparents a lot. And the major issue is. She is my niece." dad gave an apologetic look.

"Now I feel sorry for her." I whined making everyone chuckle.

"MAAAAHHHHHAAAAA...!!!!!" A rather ecstatic Miley entered the dinning room with Troy in tow.

She had the pregnancy test in the brown bag in her hand. My inside fluttered at the thought of me being pregnant.

"LeyLey.!" I said in acknowledgement.

"I brought your pre..." I cut her off hurriedly.

"Lets go upstair LeyLey.!" I said stressing on every single word hoping for her to get the silent message.

And thankfully she understood.

"Umm...yeah lets go upstairs." she muttered and made her way out. I stood up and followed her when mom called me.

"At least have your breakfast Maha.!" she said

"Mum I am not hungry." I said hurriedly and left.

I went into my room with LeyLey.

"Here your package.!" she was grinning like a cheshire cat.

"How to use this damn thing.?" I inspected the stick.

"Just pee on it. And wait till it beeps. If their will be double pink lines. You are pregnant.!" she said excitedly.

I went into the bathroom to get over with it. When she called "Make sure not to pee on your hand.!" I rolled my eyes at her stupid comment.

I did my business and waited patiently for the result. After a minute which felt like hours it started to beep. My eyes widened as I took in the two pink line staring back at me.

My hand went on my belly automatically.

I am pregnant.

I am going to be a mom.

Oh Allah thank you sooo much. I felt my eyes started to tear up.

"Maha.? Are you still alive.?" I heard Miley. I chuckled at that and decided to go out and broke the news to her.

"Welll...." she drawled looking impatient.

"Its positive." her eyes widened in realization.

"Oh my God.! My bestfriend is pregnant. I am going to be an aunt.!" she squealed and hugged me tight.

"I am so happy for you.!" she beamed at me.

"I don't know how David will take the news." I sighed.

"Girl you are just making a fuss out of nothing. He will be over moon. Trust me." she reassured me.

I hope so.

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