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Beautiful Mistake....☑️(Completed) by theycalledmemiss
Beautiful Mistake....☑️(Completed)by hey its me...
Swasan ranking #1 "Beautiful mistake lead them beautiful relationship...." #welcome to swasan world# This will be short story
THALIA by awmhei
THALIAby hihihi
THALIA When a woman dressed in a black suit approached me on a train track, whilst I was holding a bottle of blue spray paint in my left hand and a face covered with pa...
~ 𝘋𝘦𝘴𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘦𝘥 𝘛𝘰 𝘉𝘦 𝘏𝘪𝘴 ~ (Completed) by Asteria_wrts
~ 𝘋𝘦𝘴𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘦𝘥 𝘛𝘰 𝘉𝘦 𝘏𝘪� 🧚
He's a millionaire. He can never deny his father. Her happiness is her family. She can do anything for her family. But when she's forced to support him, he's forced to m...
Autobot Guardian by Commander_Knight145
Autobot Guardianby MoonKnight
Tyrn's mission was simple, recon the Vex gateway as Osiris scoured the Infinite Forest for any changes in the Vex behavior. After an unlikely encounter with the Red Legi...
The Exo Hunter reincarnated into an Arc by MK9Yamato
The Exo Hunter reincarnated into END MY SUFFERING
After dying by the hands of Uldren Sov, Cayde-6 find himself in a new body and on a new planet. How would our famous hunter react to this?
From a Tool of Killing to a Hero (Destiny Male Guardian x Overwatch) by SoloTitanSlayer
From a Tool of Killing to a Hero ( Supreme Titan Leader
What would happen if the Last Guardian remaining is sent back in time to the Golden Age, where Overwatch is meant to keep peace all around the world and how will he affe...
His | COMPLETED  by _LilDark
His | COMPLETED by 🇵🇰
#wattys2020 Having no choice left but to marry her Ex fiance's brother, because her soon to be husband left her at her wedding day. Sofia had no choice but to accept t...
BRUTAL LOVE by EuphoriaFictions
He is the ruthless billionaire of India. In Ayodhya, everyone is scared of him. Sita, a psychiatrist, got married to Veer cause she didn't want to break the marriage be...
When It's Meant To Be...The Stars Seem To Glisten.... (Completed) by Bepannah_love
When It's Meant To Be...The Bepannah_love
Geethanjali Iyer, an interior designer by profession and an art teacher by passion was a bubbly, fun-loving girl but now she has become reserved and quiet. She always tr...
forsaken demigod (pjo x destiny) (Adopted)  by hunterlife1
forsaken demigod (pjo x destiny) ( hunter life
When percy returns to Camp-halfblood he finds out that annabeth has been cheating on him, and everyone thinks that he was working with the enemy. Even thalia and nico ha...
Destiny Played It's Game by dreamer__29
Destiny Played It's Gameby dreamer__29
Aaruhi Garg Sweet Kind Beautiful Childish Clumsy 19 years old who is the definition of these adjectives. She has her own insecurities but also has dreams to fulfill...
Destined [unedited] by 92aazz
Destined [unedited]by 92aazz
Dr. Anya Sharma, owner of Fortis and well known neurologist... known all over the world due to her talent. Smart,beautiful and intelligent... A perfect and enchanting co...
Anshita : His Unwanted Bride ( Series Book: #1) by MissSpecs15
Anshita : His Unwanted Bride ( Miss.Specs
The most powerful families of Rajasthan, The Almighty 3. Among them the most powerful , The Suryavanshi Family. No.1 in everything . Vivaan Suryavanshi, the heir of Sury...
One Sided Love  by author7hana
One Sided Love by Hana
A teenager girl who crave for that one person who loves someone else... But..... Destiny has written something big for them.... . . . 💗❤️
Remnants Light: A forgotten Guardian (Destiny X RWBY) by corkykong
Remnants Light: A forgotten Corky
In the land of Remnant; Many tales are told and even more are forgotten. Some about hunters, and their glory, and others about what lurks in the dark. One tale inparticu...
Guardian From The Rift (Rivet x Male Reader) by HollowedPrince
Guardian From The Rift (Rivet x HollowedPrince
Whilst investigating a Hive ritual, a Hunter named Y/N gets flung from his dimension into a new and unfamiliar one. There, he has no way of getting back to his dimension...
The True First Disciple by MK9Yamato
The True First Discipleby END MY SUFFERING
Jaune Arc was betrayed by everyone. Friends, family, you name it. Only in the dark a voice called to him offering power and salvation. What if Rhulk wasn't the first dis...
The Unsaid truth by Author_priyu
The Unsaid truthby Author_priyu
🔞 - I like mafia -They are dangerous -No i want a cute mafia ( You will get one but I'm not sure if he is cute or not) ~Read to know about that hidden secret
Agreement Marriage by Meenajothi
Agreement Marriageby Meenakshi
Agreement Marriage, is a wonderful love story between two complex people. Radhika, a next door girl from a middle class family got married to an arrogant business man Ar...
the eliksni huntsman (Being Re-imagined) by derpmrk2
the eliksni huntsman (Being derpmrk2
set after taken king, a captain known as "rune" is one of the few survivors of his house,the house of manna, his skiff was on it's way to go scout out a energ...