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The Accidental Wedding (Completed) by bhaktib38
The Accidental Wedding (Completed)by Bhakti
Aarav Oberio is a tall, decent, rich and extremely handsome man. Girls drool over him but for him every other girl who has feeling for him is just a gold digger. He agr...
Alpha, Beta, Omega by loriemitchell
Alpha, Beta, Omegaby Lorie Mitchell
F/M/M Story - Kali Edridge looks like your every day, average all-American college student. But Kali has a secret. She's not like most people. She is a werewolf. But she...
My Blessed Mistake(Completed✔) by FairyLover782
My Blessed Mistake(Completed✔)by FairyLover782
"I am pregnant," I blurted. "What???" Harish and Kavya shouted in unison. "Hey kiddo, you gotta lose your virginity to be pregnant," Kavy...
❤️Dil Diyan Gallan❤️ by SHAVERI_world
❤️Dil Diyan Gallan❤️by SHAVERI_world
this story is 2 person who lost their love of Life there betterhalf. nd start living in the memories.... what will happen when destiny knot them with eachother..... will...
Slayer and the Void by Goldengun2002
Slayer and the Voidby The Gunslinger
A guardian finds Himself in a new world. One of magic and devoid of darkness he once fought, though he finds new allies and enemies. A new purpose. The destination of Go...
The Broken God by Monster_Guardian
The Broken Godby Sora Kuroi-Bara
[Notice] Being rewritten. This version will remain up, don't worry. ******* The forced God of destruction, Error, has finally caught up to the Creator. It seems as thou...
AGREEMENT ✔️by Vruksha Joshi
Highest Rank #1 - Destiny #1 - Truth #2 - Faith #35 - Handsome Book 1 of Raichand - Mehra - Malhotra Series * Editing In Process * What happens when your marriage is...
The Outcast by rosegaladrielle
The Outcastby rosegaladrielle
Hated, neglected and rejected. That's Mona Mayfield for you. Since birth, she has been neglected by her own father. Not because she is a lesser wolf but because she c...
From being arranged to love!!! #An Indian Love Story by caffecorretto
From being arranged to love!!! Amàira Jàcob
"Please.. you have to go... we can't do this.." she tried. "No... you are mine, only mine." He said once more, reciting the words over and over again...
Entangled Destiny by spoorthi2021
Entangled Destinyby Spoorthi Anand
ARJUN MALHOTRA " An epitome of perfection in business and looks, but a cold hearted and rude boss." AHANA KAPOOR " The princess of her family, a sweethear...
Ever After High (Male Reader) by Morning_Blankets
Ever After High (Male Reader)by Morning_Blankets
Ever After High. The school where the sons and daughters of famous fairytale characters go. But this year big things are happening. The school becomes divided between th...
Do You Still Love Me ? (Completed) by Aishwarya5007
Do You Still Love Me ? (Completed)by Aishwarya5007
"I'm coming directly to the point. I'm not interested in this marriage. I'm only here because of the pressure from the elders. At the moment, I'm dating a girl call...
My Heroic Destiny by JustSomeWriter327
My Heroic Destinyby JustSomeWriter
What if Izuku took Bakugo's advice and jumped. What if he died, it wouldn't affect anyone but his mother, so who cares. Well a godlike entity had different plans for cra...
( Completed ) The Misunderstood Glitch ( An Error Story ) by ZaryasTales
( Completed ) The Misunderstood Zaryas Tales
! WARNING ! IT'S OLD AND CRINGY AF AND I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT I WAS DOING BACK THEN As many Fgod stories shows that Error was forced to destroy by Fate. What if Fate didn't...
Remnants by Goldengun2002
Remnantsby The Gunslinger
The War between the light and the dark is over, though the toll was great. The moon shattered, planets decimated, and the continents of Earth reshaped. Many hundreds of...
The 9th user's guardian father by ZBug74
The 9th user's guardian fatherby ZBug74
Izuku midoriya never knew his father, his mother said that he was working overseas, that being the reason he was never home. but that is far from the truth. Inko's husba...
His Chanda ✔ by hkoriginal
His Chanda ✔by Harleen Kaur
Featured on @WattpadRomanceIN reading list Ae Dil Hai Mushkil | Forbidden Love Stories ••• Beautiful Cover by @75shadow ••• "You are a prostitute?" "No...
Destined [unedited] by 92aazz
Destined [unedited]by 92aazz
Dr. Anya Sharma, owner of Fortis and well known neurologist... known all over the world due to her talent. Smart,beautiful and intelligent... A perfect and enchanting co...
The New Taken King (Son of Oryx x Twilight) by dstnsh2
The New Taken King (Son of Oryx dstnsh 2
Oryx had one secret child who he send away to a world with no light then a family call the cullens find him and they named him YN hale years later he find out his true i...
RWBY Reacts Destiny by Crossz-Grimlock
RWBY Reacts Destinyby Crossz-Grimlock
Taken from world the RWBY cast is brought to a multidimensional theater to watch the Guardians of the last city fight for the traveler and the light and soon see the tur...