Legend of the White Wolf by willowtree147
Legend of the White Wolfby ~Wanderlust~
Just when the world is about to get hectic between rouges and packs, the goddess promises a saviour to rescue the innocent and punish the evil. They will face many hards...
  • werewolf
  • romance
  • roguemate
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Fated To Be Urs ( Formidable Billionaires - 1) by boundbeyondtimes
Fated To Be Urs ( Formidable Nireeksha
A couple so different from each other. A couple that has nothing in common to bind them. Yet nothing could separate them. Ananya - nothing special about her to make her...
  • dreamers
  • ceo
  • possessive
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The Broken Mates ✔ by KartierKlass
The Broken Mates ✔by Sinister Sociopath
#6 Highest Ranking In Werewolf 8/22/2016 *Previously titled "Theseus" *Short Chapters ~~~~~~~~~~ A soul who brought dread to others at the thought of his name...
  • war
  • werewolf
  • destiny
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Destined To Be Together by Zoya_001
Destined To Be Togetherby Zoya
Dr.Sanaa a perfect definition of beauty with brains. Rehan a businessman who gets what he wants. Sanaa is the leader of world's top most Medical Council. She is a s...
  • foreign
  • past
  • indian
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The Billionaire's Wish by magbmara
The Billionaire's Wishby Makris Orpilla
A billionaire met a runaway bride. Their first meeting was literally filled with fire and explosion! In an accident where fate and destiny propelled them...
  • runaway
  • arrogant
  • wattys2016
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As Told By Nerdy by Tsubame
As Told By Nerdyby Shim Simplina
As if life wasn't hard enough being bullied and treated like garbage all the time; my loathsome, insufferable seat mate just had to come with his "secrets" and...
  • superstar
  • hurt
  • nerdy
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Mine to love by xxDolllxx
Mine to loveby Shruti Rout
Highest ranking: #2 in werewolf [13/1/17] Veronica Richards is a werewolf, but not any ordinary wolf. She is the queen of the werewolf realm with special abilities, diff...
  • werewolf
  • witches
  • werewolves
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The Dragon Queen's Heir [book one] ✔️ by AmberLynnWriter
The Dragon Queen's Heir [book one] Amber Lynn
"And the fifth Rider is . . ." * Ashlyn "Ash" Rehlia is sick and tired of everything. She's sick and tired of her overbearing mother, whose life purp...
  • queen
  • heronine
  • destiny
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Phoenix of Olympus (PJO/Harry Potter) UNEDITED (PJ FANFICTION) by AishaLaam
Phoenix of Olympus (PJO/Harry Aisha
It is three months after Gaea's defeat and Camp Halfblood is hanging by a thread. Percy is a shadow of who he was; a war hardened warrior. He takes on quest after quest...
  • loyalty
  • halfblood
  • potter
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Bound To The Alpha by Lillrah
Bound To The Alphaby Sarah
Highest ranking: #35 (5.03.16). "I don't love you, Alexandra. We may be bound by fate but you are nothing to me. You never have been-"his husky, cold, detached...
  • kidnapping
  • wolf
  • luna
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THE EXO-K LOVE STORIES (Tagalog Fanfiction: Compilation) COMPLETED! by Aerysse
EXO-K decided to take college here in the Philippines and they never expected that they'll fall inlove for a girl. Are they ready for cheesiness, heartbreak and happy en...
  • exofanfic
  • kai
  • kyungsoo
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Struck Twice ♡ Barry Allen/The Flash by dessthemess
Struck Twice ♡ Barry Allen/The salvadork_salvawhore
"Love is like lightning. Beautiful, but painful." Destiny Parker has just moved to Central City. She only moved there to find a better life away from her lovin...
  • drwells
  • fanfiction
  • wattys2018
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Finding My Husband's Heart by Essy81
Finding My Husband's Heartby Shahi
***HIGHEST RANKING #35 in ROMANCE *** Sarah had a crush on him ever since seventh grade but he never even noticed her. All she ever dreamed of was to get married to him...
  • hatred
  • marriage
  • arrogant
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The demon's PA by SometimesSilver
The demon's PAby SometimesSilver
Sequel to The vampire's PA Clades is the most powerful demon to have ever set foot on earth and after more than a thousand years of being trapped in his slowly regenerat...
  • action
  • demon
  • vampire
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vivaah ( bond of heart a journey of marriage)  by cuteangel0203
vivaah ( bond of heart a journey anurocks
The time stoped just looking into his eyes .... sitting beside me on vivaah mandap is my would be husband .. whom i am looking for the first time ... No i m not from so...
  • arrangemarriage
  • alphamale
  • mystery
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mananff "Meri Zindagi Hy Tou" by Zahramalik11
mananff "Meri Zindagi Hy Tou"by silent writer
Hi readers I'm also one of manan fans, its my first manan ff ,my story is about two different souls that fall for each other. they showed the world that love doesn't nee...
  • destiny
  • love
  • friendship
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Destiny Chose Us ↠ Adrien Agreste by Galerii
Destiny Chose Us ↠ Adrien Agresteby ᴍʀs. ʜᴇʀʀᴏɴ
•D E S T I N Y C H O S E U S• Adrien Agreste × Reader You, Y/N L/N, were a widely known model from New York, also known as the 'Big Apple', and has a Mom, who wa...
  • miraculousladybug
  • chatnoirxreader
  • adrienxreader
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Damien and Juliet by Lillrah
Damien and Julietby Sarah
"Our story has a tragic ending and this, dear Juliet, is it. This is when the curtain closes." Damien and Juliet are as different as two people could possibly...
  • fate
  • destiny
  • hunter
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Destiny...Passion ...Obsession(#wattys2016) by Abha3006
Destiny...Passion ...Obsession( Abha Dikshit
Destiny--- I am the most cursed one ....but I don't care about your opinion ...I go about by my will...enjoy this the players Radhika; Beautiful , Intellige...
  • trust
  • destiny
  • passion
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Tidel Wave Nico Di Angelo x Reader  by MaliaReeds
Tidel Wave Nico Di Angelo x Reader by Malia
Completed (: Warning: this is my first work! To me, it's kinda cringe but I need to edit it. (: kinda cliche I guess. You are 15 years old and the only half-blood that...
  • adventure
  • fiction
  • wattys2018
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