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Maha P.O.V

Everyone was silent. I saw Austin making his way towards me. He reached by my side and placed his hand around my shoulder.

"Don't panic. We won't let anything happen to you." he whispered in my ear.

Suddenly Tahir started to laugh.

"I am impressed with you lad." he walked towards David and patted him on his shoulder.

"Keep that little toy down." he said but David didn't budged and pointed his gun against his forehead. Almost 40 men pointed their gun towards David.

I got pale at the sight infront me on. "David.." I said rather slowly but he heard. His eyes flickered towards me as it soften.

"Eyes up here Mr. David I don't like someone staring at what's mine." Tahir said.

David growled at him "SHE. IS. MINE."
He said stressing every word.

"This bitch." I didn't get the time to compose myself as I was pushed aside by someone making me fall on the floor when the gunshot rang and I heard Miley and my mother scream.

"MOIN...!!!!" I looked up and my heart stopped.

No no no no no

Not Moin not my brother

I saw him as he fell down on the floor with a loud thump blood started to surround him.

Another gunshot started to rang but I was too numb to feel anything. Austin pushed me up with him and ran towards the exit. That's when I snapped out of my daze.

"MOIIIINN...!!!!" I screamed.

"Leave me Austin my brother needs me. He need to see a doctor let me go. Call the ambulance." I started to struggle against him but he pulled me out and brought me near the car.

"Austin leave me what are doing. My brother needs a doctor." I cried helplessly.

"HE IS DEAD MAHA.! MOIN IS DEAD.!" He shouted at me frustrated.

"NO YOU ARE LYING JUST LET ME GO..!!!" he pushed me into the car. I started to struggle.

"I am sorry Maha." his eyes soften as he placed a piece of cloth on my mouth.

The last thing I remembered was body of my brother on the floor.


"What do you think.? When she will wake up.?" I heard someone say.

"I don't know man. I has just used a chloroform." I heard the another voice.

"Are you sure about that. If not than I am gonna kill you.!" I heard an angry voice.

"Calm down man. She will be fine." I heard the fourth voice.

"Open your eyes girl I know you are awake." I felt my cheeks heat up. I was caught red handed.

I opened my eyes slowly blinking to get rid of the blurry vision. My eyes took in the six huge man standing infront of me.

"Thank God you are awake otherwise he would have killed me.!" Austin sighed in relief.

Austin.? Than it all came rushing back.

My wedding.


My brother.

My heart clenched as I thought about him.

"Princess please don't cry." David said as he helped me to sit up.

Austin, William, Drake, Hasan and Troy were looking at me with concern.

"I lost my brother David. You lost your best friend because of me. You should hate me. My parents will hate me. Pari will hate me." I started to panic.

David pulled me into a hug and asked the boys to leave us alone. They all left.

"I can never hate you princess." he nuzzled his face into my hairs. Someone had changed my clothes so I was in a long tshirt and sweat pants.

"But my parents they will definately hate me. You don't understand David he was going to be a father. His child Oh Allah." I started to cry. I was not able to think straight my mind was a mess.

"Maha please its not your fault. It was his decision to give his life for you. You didn't asked him. And honestly if I were to be at his place I would have done the same thing." he tried to explain. I just sat there silently in his arms.

"Where are my parents.?" I asked him.

"I don't know..." he trailed. My head snapped up.

"What do you mean you don't know.?" my heart was thumping in my chest.

"He took them with him. We were only able to safe Miley because Troy was with her." he stated.

"What.?! My parents are with him.? He can harm them David. We need to safe them. And Pari she is pregnant. She is having a piece of my brother in her. We need to safe them David.!" I cried in horror. My parents are in trouble.

"Calm down Maha. They won't harm them. They won't harm your mother. Its against their law to harm a woman.!" I looked at him confused.

"What law and who are they David.?"

He sighed and rubbed his hand on his face. "Are you sure you want to know.?" I nodded my head. I don't think that anything can be as worst as losing my own brother.

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