Good bye..?

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Maha P.O.V

"I...uh.." I cleared my throat. Why the hell I was stuttering.?

"I don't have a boyfriend.!" I exclaimed in one breath. He raised his eyebrow at me. I was sure as hell I was blushing.

"What about you any girl.?" I felt the wave of jealousy hit me even the thought of him being with someone else make my inside churn.

"I don't do girlfriend." his eyes were boring into mine as he said that. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding.

"So we are on the same page." I teased him. He just smirked in return.

"Ok next question." with that we asked eachother several dumb questions. I came to know about his conversion. He had converted when he was 27 years old and he is still struggling with his addiction of alcohol. As for me I told him about Uwais and my friends back in college. I had not said the name of Uwais because he looked like he will murder him if he get to know the true identity of the guy.

It took me several minutes to calm him down and I assured him that I had moved on. I was jealous when he told me about his so called champ his step brother. His eyes twinkled with love when he spoke about his lil champ.

"You know I was jealous with your so called lil champ." I muttered munching on my potato chips.

He chuckled "I had noticed that. And you eat like a whale. That's so unlady like." he remarked.

"Shut up and Shut up I am hungry." I narrowed my eyes at him as he laughed popping some almonds into his mouth.

"very funny." I pouted as he kept on laughing.

"You know what I am going back home." I stood up and stomped my feet making my way towards the exit. He held my hand making all the stupid butterflies explode.

"Don't go. I am sorry." he sobered up. He looked directly into my eyes pleadingly. It was not like I was leaving him it was just an act. Now I feel bad for my actions.

"David..." I sighed and went back to him. I kneeled down infront of him taking his hands into mine. I knew something was wrong.

"What happened.? And please dont give me that 'nothing' as an answer." he let out a shaky breath. Taking my hands in his he said the words I was afraid of.

"Please don't freak out." he pleaded. I just nodded my head. He squeezed my hand.

"I need to go to hongkong for awhile its part of my job Mahi. If I don't go I will be fired." I felt like someone had just punched me.

"How long." I was on the verge of breaking down but I can't let my gaurd down.

"I don't know maybe for a month or a year I have no idea." I pulled away from him. I won't cry. I can't cry.

"Please princess. I promise you I will come back but for now I have to go. My job is on stake." he came towards me and held me from my shoulders.

I didn't know what to say. I looked down at the floor like its the most beautiful thing in the world.

"Please say something." he pulled my chin up making me look into his eyes. My eyes were already glassy.

"When are you leaving.?" I asked him. I was trying so hard to not to cry. I hated goodbye.

"Tonight. I mean I will be their for whole day than I will leave at 8 p.m." It was already 4 in the morning. I just nodded my head. I felt numb. I was having the time of my life and suddenly he said he have to leave me again.

"Please princess don't make it hard for me. I will stay in touch with you. Please don't cry I promise I will come back and than I will never leave you." he said with so much emotion. I felt my knees go weak if it was not for him holding me. I would have been on floor.

"I want to go home." I managed to say. I can't stay here. I will breakdown any moment. I felt my non stop tears going down my cheeks.

"Please Mahi don't do this." he begged with his eyes. I freed myself from his hold taking my jacket.

"I need time David. See you for breakfast." I ran out as fast as my legs could take me. I jumped into my room closing the balcony. A sob left my lips. I cried till the sun rise.

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