Last Day at College

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Maha P.O.V

1 week Later

You will be thinking that I would cry my eyes out and starve myself to death.

Nope. I will not cry. Not anymore.

He dont deserve my tears. I loved him and that was the biggest mistake ever. I dont regret anything the time I had spend with him. I dont regret it because those were the days of happiness of Love. May be it was fake but from myside I loved him. I had cherished each and every moment with him.

So whats the reason to regret the things you once loved.

Tomorrow I am leaving for my hometown. My brother is getting married to my best friend.

Yeah you heard me right. Pari is getting married to my elder brother Moin. They started dating when they saw each other for the first time. Pari was an orphan so it was easy for her to sneak out and spend time with Moin. They love eachother to death.

I wish that one day someone will love me like the way they both do. Sighing I packed my remaining cloths into my suitecase.

"Ready..??" Pari hugged me from behind. After that incident Pari was by my side 24/7 keeping a watch on me.

She was afraid that I will do something stupid. I had not seen Uwais from that day which I am glad for.

My parents called me two days before and said that Moin and Pari will be getting married next week so we have to leave. I was mad at Pari for not informing me about it but she said she have reasons which I know very well.

I wanted to see Uwais one last time before leaving.

"Earth to Maha.." Pari looked at me worried.

"Dont give me that look I am fine." I assured her.

"Do you wanna meet Uwais..??" She blurted making me look at her in amazement. Sometime I wonder that how can she read my mind.

"I cant read your mind its just I know you too well for your liking." She smirked.

"Thats creepy." I muttered.

"So...???" She pushed.

"Drop it I am over him now."

"Pig flys." I glared at her. She shrugged it off and walked away.

She dont have any idea how I am dying to have a glimpse of him. I miss his smile. I miss his voice. I miss the way he looked at me. I miss his touch. I miss him.

A single tear made it way out of my eyes.

"Come on we should give a goodbye to our college." Pari yelled from outside.

"Coming." Making sure that their is no trail of tears on my cheeks I walked out locking the door. I was wearing my favourite tshirt with 'I speak fluent sarcasm' written on it. Which was making me look bold and confident.

In college

After meeting all the college staff and some of my classmates we had decided to enjoy our last break in cafeteria together.

Some of our groupmates Stella, jordan, Jessy, Sebs, Liam, Nikki, John and Pari. We all gathered at our usual table with our usual meal.

 We all gathered at our usual table with our usual meal

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