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Maha P.O.V

I was laying on my bed wide awake. It was too much to handle. I am in love with David their was no denying. I want him as much as he does.

It was already 2 a.m. and my insomnia decided to hunt my sleep away. Turning and tossing into my bed for God knows how long I decided to go and grab something to eat. If sleep is not consuming me atleast I should consume something with that thought I kicked the duvet away from my body and started to make my way towards the door.

As I turned the door knob someone pulled me back clasping his hand on my mouth. I tried to scream but it came out muffled. That someone started to pull me away from the door.

He smelled really bad like a vomit.? I don't know but it was bad and he was huge because his hand was almost covering whole of my face.

I started to kick in the air but it was of no use I hoped someone to come and safe my dear life. Tears threatened to fall from my eyes as I struggled in his tight grip.

Ya Allah help me.!

Suddenly the person holding me yelped in pain. His hold on me loosened. I took the opportunity and ran for the door but he was fast. I started to scream but he placed his hand on my mouth again. My room was pitch black. I was not able to see properly.

But this time I was facing that huge man and his family pride. So I did the most obvious thing and kneed him where the sun doesn't shine.

He fell on the floor crying in pain. His crying sounded so low and squeaky. I wasted no time and made my way to the door as I opened the door he pulled my leg making me fall with a loud thud.

"HEEEELLLLLPPPPPPP....!!!!" I screamed hoping someone will hear me.

"Helllll...aaaaahhhhh" he pulled me up from my hairs. He was dangerously close to me.

"Baby girl dug down.!" I don't know how I managed but the next thing I know the gunshot rang and I was on the floor with that huge man groaning beside me. My eyes widened as I saw blood puddle around him.

I was frozen. The last time I saw the blood was when I lost my brother.

"Baby girl are you okay.?" Drake helped me to stand up. When I looked up I saw almost everyone gathered at my room door. Including Dad.

"Dad...!!" I cried as I ran towards him. He opened his arms and engulfed me into a bear hug.

"Oh my poor child.! I am so sorry I was not able to protect you." he started to rub my back soothingly.

"No.! Don't say that please. It was not your fault Dad. The things that was uncalled I guess." I smiled at him weakly or atleast tried.

"WHAT IS GOING ON IN HERE.!?" David voice boomed through the corridor silencing everyone.

His eyes soften when his eyes fell on me the anger replaced by the concern.

"Princess.!" thats it I ran towards him and hugged him like a desperate woman I was. But hey I needed him.!

"Dave..." I cried. I can't imagine what could have happened if Drake and that other guy was not there to safe me.

"What's going on in here.? Who is this guy.?" he asked still holding me tightly.

"I don't know. We were just passing by when I heard her scream for help. I didn't wasted any time and ran towards her and the result is infront of you." I heard Drake.

David cursed and pulled away from me. He leapt on that guy started punching him.

"Calm down man. As much as I want to kill this little moron over here. I want to know for whom he works." Dad said holding David back.

David wrapped his hand around my waist and pulled me closer.

"Isn't it obvious that Richard had send him.?" he stated annoyed.

"Yes. We know that but maybe this guy can help us to atleast reach her parents.? We just need to wait till he wakeup." Dad said and everyone agreed.

He ordered some bodygaurds to take that man out and clear the mess from my room.

He asked everyone to leave except David, Drake and that another guy whose name I got to know is Smith.

He turned towards me. "Maha can you explain us what happened.? We need to know how this guy broke inside the FBI mansion."

"Sir I don't think its..." I cut David off.

"Yes. But first please let me out of here. This place gives me unpleasant chills." he nodded his head and motioned us to follow him into his office. Which was located on the ground floor. David helped me with the stairs. I was feeling weak.

Once in the office he locked the door behind us "I can't trust anyone now. I don't know who helped him. But someone did and I can bet on that." Dad was furious. I had never seen him like this he was pacing around the office.

"You mean to say someone in FBI helped him to get in.?" Smith asked.

" it that hard to predict.? Now Maha speak.!" his tone was harsh which made my heart sank. But I understand he is angry.

David made me sit on one of the chair placed in the office.

"I don't know how he broke in. I mean everything was fine I had even locked my windows before going to bed. I just wanted to eat something so I decided to go out and satisfy my carving but as I was about to open the door that guy...he pulled me away and made sure that I won't scream. Than he bumped into my bed and his hold loosened on me but that was not the end he caught me again than I kicked him." I felt my cheeks heat up. They all were waiting for me to continue.

"Kicked him where .?" Drake asked with a confused look on his face.

"Is it important to know where I kicked him.!" I snapped at him feeling angry all of a sudden.

David ignored us and said "If your windows were locked that means he was already there in your room waiting for you.!"

"Exactly.!" Dad agreed.

"Now we can't risk her safety." Dad said.

"Drake you are going to teach her some basic things for self defense and train her how to use a gun." a huge smile spread on my face.

"But Sir.." David was about to say something but dad beat him to it.

"And as per Mafia rule 'One should not get involved with a married woman'" he air quoted than paused.

"I guess its time for you to get married my child." he smirked at me knowingly as my smile disappeared and my eyes well they literally bulged out of their sockets.

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