Best friends

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Maha P.O.V

"Aaaaaaahhhhhh mum leave." I cried as my mother placed her foot on my left cheek. I was laying on my right side on the floor she just put her weight on my cheek with her foot.

"Wake up. You are not allowed to sleep this late." she kicked me on my back and left the room. I was crying it was like a history repeating itself.

Whenever she came to knew about my any guy she used to treat me like a shit and than she used to emotionally drain me to leave that person even though I left everyone and everything she never stopped slut shaming me. It was like a shadow which follows me everywhere.

My whole body was in pain. I made my way towards the bathroom stumbling a bit.

I was looking like a trash. My eyes were puffy from crying my whole face was a mess. I cant go out like this. Moin and my father will question about my appearance. And I am afraid they will beat me up too.

My eyes fell on my neck. Hickey.

Now I understand what my mother thought when she saw this. I felt like to remove my skin. I felt so impure.

Turning on the shower I sat on the floor letting the water flow I didn't even bothered to remove my clothes. I just sat down letting the cold water numb my body.

"Maha open the door.!" I heard Miley voice outside my bathroom. I just sat there I had no energy to even tell her that the door was not even locked and she can come in.

I guess she figured after several minutes the door was wide opened by her.

"Oh God Maha.!" She turned the shower off.

"Girl are you insane its freezing.!" she took the towel from cabinet. And wrapped it around me.

"You need to change." I just let her do everything. I was numb mentally and physically.

She made me sit on the stool placed in my closets. She removed my clothes and dried my body with a clean towel.

"Your skin is totally wrinkled. Great job Maha.!" she said sarcastically.

She helped me with my clothes and blow dried my hairs tying it into a braid.

"Perfect now come and lets have your breakfast." She tried to take me with her but I didn't budge.

"I am not hungry." I said. And honestly I was not hungry even though I had not eaten anything from last night.

"Ok starve yourself to death all you want. But can we atleast go out into your room.?" I just went out she followed me.

I laid down on my bed. Tears were slipping down my eyes.

"Maha..." Miley sat near me and started to massage my feet.

"Please say something. Please tell me what happened." She said. I decided to tell her because I know she will believe me but what will be the benefit from that. Its not like she can safe me from those people.

"He...he tried to rape me." I closed my eyes as that incident came rushing back to my mind. From last night it was all playing infront of my eyes like a broken tape.

She gasped "That bastard.! But what happened to Mrs. Khan.?"

"My mother don't believe me. She..she saw me with David." she stayed silent to let me continue.

"He had saved me from Tahir. We came back from the tree house. But my mother was already in my room and as always she assumed the worst." I let out a bitter laugh.

"What did David said to her.?" that was the part I was ignoring the most.

"He left....she asked him to leave and he left." I smiled sadly.

"What do you mean he left.? He should have explained to your mother. How can he just leave.!" She started to pace around my room.

"It was all done by Pari. She told my mum that I was planning to break my engagement off and she even told her about Uwais." I explained to her.

"Oh My God. I knew she is evil but I didn't knew she will do something this sinister. Did anyone in your family asked her with how many guy did she slept with before getting married to your brother.?!" she yelled. I can see how frustrated she was.

"Leave it. It doesn't matter. She is changed." I shrugged my shoulder.

"She was always like this you guys were just blinded by her fake sweet aura." I guess she is right. After that we stayed in silence.

"You can't marry him Maha.!" Miley broke the silence. She sat back on my bed holding my hand.

"I don't have any other choice." it was so painful to even think about it. I will be getting married tomorrow with the guy who tried to rape me.

"Actually you do have." she grinned at me.

"What do you mean.?" I asked her.

"You will see. By the way I am staying at your place tonight." she winked at me.

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