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Maha P.O.V

It was a boring day I had totally nothing to do. I had read some books played with my cat but still I am feeling so light headed.

My friends are also busy with exams going on. I can't help but miss my life. I had to come here out of my comfort just because my brother was getting married. Sometimes I wonder why do I have to make all the sacrifices.

I know sulking wont help so I just decided to go and meet my friend Miley. She will be a hard nut to crack. I am definately sure she will throw a tantrum. But I had to face her she was always close to me. I regret cutting all contact with her. I got so involved with my new life that my friendship with her just faded. But now I have fix it all.

Changing into my favourite outfit. I made my way out. I had removed all my cloths so my wardrobe is almost empty. Some dresses were decent so I just kept them. I needed to do the shopping. I am planning to go for shopping once the air is cleared between me and Miley.

 I am planning to go for shopping once the air is cleared between me and Miley

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I informed my mum that I was going out to meet Miley. She just nodded her head and got back on call. I hurridly went out of the house. When I heard my mum.

"Maha uncle Mavia is sick so ask one of the guy to take you. You can't go alone." she said sternly leaving no space for me to protest. I just nodded my head and made my way towards David place.

I was missing him alot. I can't even contact him because I don't have his new number. He had promised me he will come back as soon as possible all I have to do is wait. It sounds crazy but it feels like I am waiting for my husband to comeback from some of his bussiness trip. I know this will never happen. Me and David we are just a phase which will gonna pass sooner or later. We both have to go on our separate ways. How I wish him to be mine.

I was on the doorstep of Beckham. The door was wide open. I walked in silently in case if there is any burglar inside.

"What are you doing here.?!" A harsh voice boomed into the hallway. I sucked in my breath calming my racing heart. I turned around to come face to face with Drake. He was the last person I wanted to deal with.

"I...umm..I needed a if you can please drop me at my frie.." he cut me off.

"Listen, I am not your driver. You can fool David and other guys all you want but you can't fool me. Stay away from my eyes your site disgust me." he spat bitterly. I felt my eyes welled up with tears.

"What is wrong with you Drake.?! Shit Maha.!" Austin came towards us all dressed in black suit and pushed Drake away from me. I don't understand why the hell he treats me like this. I had never done anything wrong with him.

"What happened Maha are you ok..?" he asked me concerned. Drake left us cursing Austin and all of the boys and calling me a witch who had done some black magic on all of them.

"Ye...yeah." I cleared my throat blinking my eyes to get rid of the unnecessary tears.

"I am fine. I just needed a ride to my friend house. Uncle Mavia is sick." I felt stupid for explaining him my situation. I am just burdening them.

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