I will miss you

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Maha P.O.V

We watched titanic movie he ordered my favourite double cheese pizza. I fell asleep halfway through the movie. I was tierd I didn't  got the much needed sleep last night.

When I woke up the house was silent and David was nowhere to be seen. I had slept on couch and it didn't helped my already stiff neck. I groaned as the sharp pain hit me when I tried to turn my head around.

"Easy their." David came towards me. He was all dressed in black. He was looking bad boyish type handsome. Black suits him. Then it hit me. He is going.

"I am okay you don't need to worry after all you are leaving tonight I can takecare of myself

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"I am okay you don't need to worry after all you are leaving tonight I can takecare of myself." I pushed his hand away when he tried to touch my neck.

"Please princess don't make it hard for me. Its already late I have to be at airport till 8." he sounded annoyed. Which made my heart sink. I felt like I am a burden on him.

His eyes widened as he realized what I am thinking "NO WAY..! Princess their is nothing in this world more important for me than you. But their are somethings I had to do. You are anything but a burden. Don't ever think like that please." he cupped my cheeks and kissed me on my forehead.

"I am sorry. Its just I don't want to lose you now. I understand its your job and you have to go. I am sorry I was just being childish." I gave him a reassuring smile. Even though my heart was breaking into pieces.

"Thats my girl. Now lets go boys will be here anytime now its 5 p.m. and I have to leave for airport till 6." we just have 1 hour to spend. How stupid I am to sleep between the movie I could have spend that time with him but no I had to fall asleep.

Cursing myself I followed him out and soon I was in my room trying to find something appropriate to wear for airport. Yes I had decided to go to airport with him. He tried to protest but gave in eventually.

Finally I found something which can cover me totally. I took a quick shower blow drying my hairs I wore my tank top paired with ripped jeans and a denim shirt I left the button undone. I know it was not perfect modest dress but still this is the only one I had. Tying my hair into a bun I applied some lip balm. Satisfied with my look I left my room. Their was only 10 minutes left for 6 p.m.

I needed to change my wardrobe collection

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I needed to change my wardrobe collection. My mum was out again with her friends so I didn't have to explain to her where I was going.

I saw David and the guy I guess Keith standing in my driveway they didn't even noticed me they were having a heated conversation. Keith was trying to explain something to David by the way he was moving his hands.

They stopped talking as they saw me approaching them. David came towards me and kissed my cheek.

"Thanks" he said smiling. I gave him a confused look.

"For wearing something less revealing." he chuckled as I blushed at his comment.

"Lets go lovebirds we will be late." I rolled my eyes at Keith and sat into the backseat while David took the passenger seat. Keith will be driving me back home.

I didn't got the chance to talk to him when I visited them first time because he had left for some work after he got introduced to me.

But he looked kind of laid back type of person unlike Drake he is something else. I shuddered as his face flashed infront of my eyes. He scares me.

They both were busy in their own world speaking God knows what language. I just sat behind feeling like a third wheel. The drive to airport was the longest. It took us exact 2 hours to reach.

But thankfully we were on time. David opened the door for me while Keith unloaded his suitcase from the car trunk.

"So...its time for me to leave." he was looking directly into my eyes as he spoke.

I felt my breath hitched. The idea of not seeing him for almost a year is not settling with me.

"Promise me you will come back as soon as possible." that's the only thing I can ask him for. He pulled me into his arms I dug my face into the crook of his neck inhaling his scent which helped me calm down a bit.

"I promise princess. Just take care of yours and don't wander around late at night its not safe. Eat your meal properly and don't stress yourself out." he was stating all do's and dont's.

I just rolled my eyes "Yes daddy." he glared at me playfully. I hugged him again.

"I will miss you Mahi." I heard him say. I couldn't stop myself as tears made their way down my cheeks.

Nuzzling more into him I mumbled "I will miss you more." he tightened his hold on me kissing on my head.

"Come on man you will be late." Keith interrupted us again.

"Jeez why are you behaving like Umaima.!" I snapped at him.

"Woah chill there wild cat. And who is Umaima.? Is she hot.?" he smirked slyly.

"Pervert" I muttered as they both laughed.

"I should go now." he caressed my cheeks and pinched my nose.

"No more crying princess." he kissed my tears away. I was devouring his every single touch. I don't know when I will get to feel him again.

"Takecare Princess." he kissed my cheeks and did a bro hug thing with Keith as he made his way towards enterance.

"Dave.!" I said before I can stop myself. He frozed and then turned around to look at me. I just ran towards him and pulled him into a hug. I pulled him as close as I can. He was also holding me so tightly like his life depended on it. I didn't cared for anything I just wanted to feel him near me close to me. I used to call him Dave when I was little.

"Please Mahi don't do this. I won't go if you will behave like this please." he murmered into my hairs. I pulled away from him nodding my head I pulled him down from his shoulder.

And kissed him on his cheeks. My lips lingered for several seconds than I moved away from him.

"Please be safe. I'll be waiting for you." with that said I walked towards the car. I didn't looked back because I knew if I did I will not be able to hold myself back.

I sat into the car as Keith drove of. We soon reached in our driveway. He parked the car. I was surprised at how fast he drove us back home.

I mumbled a thanks to Keith. He was giving me worried glance every once in a while but I assured him that I was fine. He told me to contact him or any of the guy if we need something. I nodded my head and walked straight into my room. It felt like I had left the piece of my heart at that airport.

I will wait. I will wait for him.

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