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Mahira & Danyal

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Mahira & Danyal

Maha P.O.V

"Danyal Mahira get yourself down in here before I come up and drag you both down.!" I yelled for the uptenth time.

"CCOOOOMMMMIIIINNNNGGGG" I just rolled my eyes as they came downstairs and hopped on their respective chairs for the breakfast.

"Where is Pop's.?" Mahira asked making me groan.

"I hope he didn't just got back in bed after I woke him up.!"

"Nope I didn't." finally.!

"Hey munchkins." he kissed Mahira on her cheeks and fist bumped Danyal ruffling his hairs.

"Good morning." he greeted me and sat on the chair next to me. I muttered a response and started to serve my little family.

"Maha" I hummed in response.

"I will be dropping kids to the school and I will also pick them up. Than...we can go out maybe for dinner.?" he asked me hesitantly.

"Only if its okay with you." he added hurriedly.

I gulped down the pancake I was chewing on.

"Of course." I gave him a small smile and went back to finish my breakfast. Danyal and Mahira were blabbering about God knows what.

Finishing our breakfast it was already pass 7 a.m. I bid goodbye to my kids and left for my training sessions to the mansion.

Drake is my trainer. I wanted to ease in my fighting and shooting skills. I had stopped my training after I got pregnant with Danyal and stayed like that for 4 years. It was hard to take care of two toddlers. So I had dedicated my time to my kids. Its been 5 months since I started again with my training.

Parking my car into the oh so familiar garage I went directly to the backyard where I know Drake would be waiting for me.

"Hey Brother." he was sitting on the bench, sipping on his detox water.

"Hey Sister." he grinned at me and stood up.

"So ready for the action." I gave him a biggest smile I can muster up.

"As ready as I can ever be." with that we started the life threatening training.

In the middle of my shooting session I heard my phone vibrated in my waist bag.

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