My bad boy

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Maha P.O.V

I kept on ignoring that mysterious guy. I dunno why but I felt like something is pulling me towards him. It was hard for me to not look at him when I can feel his eyes on me everywhere I go.

Soon it was the time to say goodbye to our guest. It was 11:30 and the function was finally over.

"Ah, finally I got to meet you my little angel." I turned around to look at a familiar face.

"Mrs Beckham." I gasped as she engulfed me in bone crushing hug. She was our neighbour and literally like a mother to me.

Tears escaped my eyes "I missed you baby." she sniffed. I pulled away and wiped her tears.

"I missed you too Mrs. Beckham." and I really did. She left when her husband died into an accident. I had trouble living without them specially him.

"You had turned into a gorgeous lady Miss. Maha I see." she said while eyeing me from head to toe. I blushed "thanks." she chuckled and pulled me in for a hug.

"I guess you had already met David." my eyes snapped at her when she mentioned his name.

"Is he here.?" my heart was beating abnormally fast. I dont know how I will face him after what had happened.

"Ofcourse he is here. I am disappointed you had not met him yet." she sighed in disappointment.

"I need to go my child. My husband is here. I hope you meet him soon. He is changed now." she kissed me on my cheeks and left.

I went into the kitchen after bidding goodbye to everyone. I had not even ate anything and now I am feeling like an hungry elephant.

As I took out the remaining piece of cake from the fridge. Moin burst into the kitchen and took the cake away.

"Hey that was the last piece. I had not even eaten anything." I felt like crying. My aunt was in the kitchen looking at me amusement.

My mother barged into the kitchen and started to yell at me "You are just jealous of him because you didnt got to marry the guy of your will. You always do that you are worthless." I just felt numb as she started to hit me.

"She didnt do anything leave her." my aunt tried to save me. Everyone started to gather into the kitchen trying to safe me. My mother got hold of my neck making it hard for me to breath. I didnt even struggled. I was tierd I let them hit me. I felt blood ooze out of my lips as everyone shoved me in the corner and pushed my brother and mother out of the kitchen.

I got up and ran out into the backyard crying my eyes out as I sat on the grass. I looked up at the stars. I dont understand why she does that with me always. I know I did some mistakes but they were also to be blamed for everything I had gone through.

I felt someone sat beside me. My heart started to beat faster as I took in his smell. It was him.

My bad boy...

"Here." he passed me his handkerchief. I took it and wiped my tears.

"Thanks." I mumbled.

"Do you wanna share or will you prefer to sit here and cry..?" I felt him lay down on the grass.

"She never understood. They never did. Why would I be jealous of my own brother.? I was dancing my heart out. If I was not happy I wouldnt have done that." tears made their way out again.

"If they dont understand you then leave them." I heard him say.

"I cant. I had seen my mother suffer because of us. I know she loves my brother more than me but I cant bring myself to hurt them. I love them alot. They dont tend to realise that. They think I am a slut." I let out a bitter laugh.

"My brother had even said that loud and clear. I dont sleep around. Yes I had affairs but do you know why..? Because I was forced to believe that I am ugly and no one will ever gonna marry me. I got bullied when I was kid physically and mentally. I never said about it to anyone. When I used to come home it was another story. I feared my dad will kill my mum everyday. It was like living in hell. Yes I was befriended with many boys but did they ever asked why.? Because girls used to bully me in every single oppurtunity they got. I felt lonely I felt distress. Then I found a way to release my pain. I started to do the self harm. That feeling of tearing your skin with blade. It helped me. But they found out. They didnt even asked why I did. They just beat me up and threatened me to never do that again." I dont know why but I shared my deepest feelings with him. It felt natural to pour my heart out to him.

I looked at him he was looking at me intently "You know whats the most funny thing.? I left every single guy who intended to marry me just because my mother said so. I left everyone for her. But what I got in return.? A title of whore.!" I laid down beside him making sure to put some distance between us as tears were making their way out.

"Actually it was not anyone fault it was mine. I hate myself. For everything I did. I regret it. I regret my past." I closed my eyes I felt his finger touch my lips and I flinched and moved away from him.

"Its bleeding.!" he stood up immidiately.

"Lets go in, you need to put something on that." he gave me his hand which I took because tomorrow is nikkah and I dont want people asking me about this ugly scar on my face and I was feeling dizzy. He led me in from the back door. The lights were off indicating everyone asleep. No one came after me because they knew it will be of no use.

He made me sit on kitchen table as he brought the first aid kit. "how do you know where the first aid kit is been kept.?" I was literally confused I dont even know who he is and I had already said everything to him how stupid I am.

"Dont look at me like that. And dont worry your secrets are safe with me." he answered my unasked question.

"Who are you.?" I asked the question which was bothering me since I had first saw him. He didnt answered and started cleaning my wound. My whole body felt like on fire with the close approximity between us. My lips tingled when his finger brushed while cleaning the blood. I closed my eyes making my grip tight on the kitchen counter.

"I am sorry I should have been more careful I am not used to all of this I am so sorry Mahi." he thought I am in pain but I was.

Wait what..!!!

"David..." I gasped as I pushed myself up from the chair. He looked every where but at me.

Tears were automatically doing their work of making me look weak but I didnt care.

"Wh...why..??" I choked my throat was hurting because of the pressure my mum put on it.

"You have to listen to me please Mahi. I am sorry." he tried to hold my hand but I stepped back. I saw the hurt flashed on his face.

"Your sorry will never heal me. The time I had gone through. You left me when I needed you the most David. Do you even know how I was surviving without you..! You were the only friend I had. The one who supported me who cared for me. But one day you decided to leave without even saying a goodbye..!!" He pulled me into a hug. I didnt hug him back I was just standing and sobbing on his chest.

"I am sorry Mahi. I will never leave you again I promise. Just please dont cry I cant see you like this please." He picked me up in bridal style as he took me into my room I didnt fight. I was so tierd that I felt numb. he placed me on my bed and kissed my forehead.

"I am sorry Mahi. I hope you will forgive me." I didnt said anything he made his way to leave.

"We need to talk." I found myself speak when he was about to leave.

"Yes we do. But for now please takecare of yours. We will talk when all this functions are over. Goodnight Mahi." he locked the door as he went out.

"Good Night David."

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