Comforting Miley

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Maha P.O.V

After dinner I decided to see Miley. She was so happy when she came inside after her talk with Moin.

I don't know how I will face her.

I went towards her room with Troy. He left once we reached. She was on the second floor. I knocked but she didn't answered so I just went inside.

When my eyes landed on her something broke inside me. She was sitting by the window gazing out lost in her own world. She was a mess her hairs were tied in a messy bun she was looking terrible. She didn't even noticed me when I entered.

I went towards her and placed my hand on her shoulder. She looked up at me her eyes were puffy and red from crying.

"Maha...Moin.." She hugged me from my waist and started crying. I felt my eyes welled up with tears.

We stood in the same position crying and grieving for our loss. I lost my brother my childhood friend. She lost the person she loved and always dreamt of.

"I am sorry LeyLey its all my fault.." I sniffed.

"I wish that it was me not hi..." Miley placed her hand on my mouth.

"Sshhh don't say that please. Don't let his sacrifice go in vain please Maha." She engulfed me in a hug.

"Its not your fault please don't blame yourself." she wiped my tears.

We sat there silently.

"We need to find Pari. She killed him Maha." Miley said looking in a distance. I stayed silent I can't tell her where Pari is or who she is. I don't want her to stress.

"You know when you left. He..he said that he loves me. He said he was blind to not see it." she smiled but it pained me.

"He wanted to divorce her and marry me, Maha. He said that once his daughter will come into this world he will leave Pari and marry me. I asked him what happened between them but he just kissed me here." she touched her lips with her fingers. Tears were flowing down her eyes but she was in a total different world.

"He broke his promise Maha he had promised to marry me." she broke down again. I just held her as we cried. Soon she fell asleep. I placed a pillow under her head and covered her with duvet turning the lights off I made my way out.

I was surprised to see Troy leaning beside the door. He looked tired.

"Sorry I didn't know you were here." I felt bad for him. I can see how much he loved Miley but I guess you cant help whom you love.

"Its alright Maha." he gave me a tight smile and walked away. He is such a nice guy. Miley should get back to him. I will talk to her once she will get better.

I went towards my room. The house was silent as always. Their are so many people in this house but still it feels like I am alone.

I turned the door knob and raised my eyebrow at the guy sprawled on my bed.

"Hey princess." he was wearing a blue lose tshirt and trouser.

"Hi." I greeted him and sat beside him on my bed resting my head on his shoulder.

"You look stressed." he commented.

"I don't know David. All of this is too much to take in. I am worried. I am worried about my parents about Miley about my niece. Its just too much to handle." I let out a shaky breath.

"Everything will be fine. Trust me." he kissed my forehead.

"By the way I guess you had impressed our boss Miss." he put his hands around my shoulder pulling me closer to him.

I looked up at him confused. "What do you mean.?"

"George our boss he never allowed anyone to seat on the chair you sat on today." it sounded so absurd to me.

"Why what's so special about that specific chair.?"

"Well its a long story." he said.

"I have time." I pointed.

He sighed "It was his daughter's place. She used to sit there beside him everyday."

"Was.?" I was afraid that I won't like what he is going to say next.

"Yes. She died because of asthma attack in her own room." I gasped.

"After that incident George shut everyone out of his life. He only communicate when its necessary. Everything was different when she was alive. She was just 16 years old bubbly girl who loved to mess with all of us. The dinner time used to be our favourite. She used to make us laugh by her antics. George loved her to death. His girlfriend left him and his daughter when she was born. George made sure he gives her everything she needs. He spoiled her and she spoiled him he was like a kid with her. But it all ended with her. Her death changed George." he smiled sadly.

"When did she died.?" I asked him my chest tightened.

"2 years ago. I still remember George begging her to wake up but it was too late. I had never seen that man so helpless. But today we saw a different person in him. The way he was talking with you. He even offered you to sit on that chair. We all were surprised at the sudden change in him. I guess he takes you as his daughter." he smiled at me squeezing my arm lightly.

"If he sees me as a daughter I will make sure to treat him like a father." I closed my eyes as sleep took over me.

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