It's a boy

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Maha P.O.V

Whole night I was in his arms. He was not able to sleep neither was I. The tension was a hanging heavily in the atmosphere.

"Good morning babe." he placed a small kiss on my lip that's when I noticed the sun peeking from the curtain.

"Good morning handsome." I wrapped my arms around him and dugged my face into his neck inhaling his scent.

This moment I don't know why but it felt like I need to make memories. The sudden urge made me to roam my finger over his face. His eyes were closed.

I ran my hand over his brows, his eyes, his cheeks, his nose, his ears and than his lips. He grabbed my hand and kissed my finger letting his lips linger for awhile longer.

I slid my hand into his hairs and pulled him closer placing my lips on his kissing him. He responded with the same affection and passion. It was different from every kiss we shared. It was full of need. It was like we wanted to melt in the moment devouring each other.

We had to pull away. I hated that we needed the damn oxygen to survive. I would have kissed him forever.

"Get up princess. Today is the big day." he caressed my cheeks and pecked my lips before getting up and disappearing into the bathroom.

I was having a bad feeling like something is wrong. I am not ready for the thing that will come to my way. I am having a feeling a bad one.

Turning and tossing for awhile I decided to getup. David came out of the closet all dressed up in suit.

"My handsome hubby." I went towards him and hugged him. I felt like crying when he nuzzled his face in my neck planting kisses and nibbling on my skin. I closed my eyes.

"Please don't go..!" I said in a raspy voice clutching his shoulder like my life depends on it.

He sighed and pulled away from me. "I have to princess. I will be leaving now otherwise I will not be able to control myself." he cupped my cheeks and again kissed me on my neck making me go weak by my knees. It was his favourite spot he loved to kiss me on my neck.

"Atleast do the breakfast Dave.." I managed to say in my heated condition.

"I can't babe. I need to leave. I love you." he than placed his lips on mine kissing me hurriedly. We pulled away for breath but I kissed him again my lips were sore but I didn't care.

"I love you too." I muttered as we pulled away. He kneeled down and placed a kiss on my tummy.

"I love you little one." he whispered to it. And hugged me for the last time before leaving.

Ya Allah please keep him safe and close to your mercy.

I prayed silently.


"Call the ambulance and my parents.!" I managed to tell my maid. She rushed out to make some calls.

From all the days in the calender my baby decided to come out today. It was 5 in the evening and my water broke.

I was about to go to the mansion. I wish David was here. Things would have been so easier. Atleast he would have soothed me with his warmth and love.

The first contraction hit me making me scream in pain.

"Oh ma'am please calm down and take deep breaths it will help. I had called the ambulance and I had also informed your parents they will be here soon." our maid said panicking.

Everything went painfully slow. My parents came with Miley. The ambulance ride was unexplainable.

It felt like someone cracked every single bone of my body together. If taking care of a baby is hard than try to deliver one.

I was screaming in pain. People were speaking to me but it was hard to concerntrate.

Once in the hospital I saw Uwais, Troy, Miley and my parents already waiting. They rushed towards me when they saw me.

" David please.." I said gasping. They froze in there places.

"Whats wrong..? I said to Aaahhhh..." the pain made me jerk.

"Maha please concerntrate on taking deep breaths. We will call David just please." Miley said crying.

Uwais was in a rough condition too. My mother was also crying. Only dad was composed.

The pain hit me again and this time with the full force. Nurse wheeled me into the operation theater.

They shifted me on the bed and connected the IV into my hand. I gripped the bedsheet as the pain hit me again.

"When we tell you to push. You have to push okay.?" doctor said and I nodded.

The pain hit me again and they asked me to push. Taking all the energy in my body I tried to push the baby out.

After trying for fifth time I felt like I will faint. The sweat trickled on my forehead.

"I...I can't ..." I muttered sleepily. But the pain made it impossible for me to fall asleep. So I pushed again with the full force.

And this time I heard the cry.

"Its a boy.!" the doctor stated making me smile.

"Alhamdulillah." with that I fell into the deep slumber.

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