Meeting and Chaos

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Maha P.O.V

Its been a month since I got married and adopted my own niece.

David and I had decided to adopt her. We named her Mahira. Moin had already chosen that name for his daughter.

I was having a hard time. I had never ever looked after a baby and now I am taking care of one 24/7. Dad had hired a nanny for her but I prefer to takecare of her by myself.

I will hug my mother and thank her for not throwing me away when I was a kid.

I had also learned how to use a gun and some self defense moves. David was against it but dad made sure that he have no say in it.

We are planning to rescue my parents tomorrow. I had insisted on going with them. Dad can't deny my request so he allowed me to go but of course conditions apply.

The guy who had came to kidnap me had finally opened his mouth or better his hands. He had written the address where Richard had kept my parents.

They had also took Stacey with them.

"Maha have you seen my watch.?" David brought me back from my train of thoughts.

"Ssshhh... You will wake her up." I don't want Mahira to wake up and cry again.

"Oh sorry." he whispered and kissed Mahira on her forehead. I smiled at the sweet gesture. He loves her like she is his own daughter.

"Its on the dressing table Dave." he smiled at me as he fastened his watch.

"Get ready Mahi you will also need to attend the meeting in half an hour." he kissed my forehead and left the room.

Sometimes I wonder how can I be so lucky to have him.?

He is everything a girl can ask for understanding, caring, loving and trust worthy.

He had not touched me as he promised. I can see how he is controlling himself. The way he fist his hands whenever I am near him.

I want to give myself to him completely but I want be assured that my parents are safe. I can't think about anything when I don't have my mother in my sight. I am getting more worried about them by every passing day.

Even though I am in LA I was not allowed to meet anyone. My encounter with Stella and Liam in hospital was the last. Dad had told me that I can't go out or communicate with anyone until we get a hold of Richard.

Mahira was still sleeping so I had decided to change into something appropriate and call her nanny. I can't leave her alone. Even though David had installed camera in our room. We switch it on when we leave her alone with her nanny. Other than that the camera is always off. You can't trust anyone.

I decided to call her first. She stays in the mansion. She is the daughter of our cook. Making a quick call to her I went into the bathroom to change.

I had wore a simple white dress. It was just a meeting so I had applied some mascara and lip gloss. I can't go out without this two things.

There was a knock on my door indicating the nanny is here

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There was a knock on my door indicating the nanny is here. I opened the door.

"Hello madam." she greeted me.

"How many times I have to tell you to call me by my name Sara.?"

"Sorry madam I mean Maha." I smiled at her and let her enter. Switching on the cctv camera I kissed Mahira and left the room.

The meeting room was on the ground floor. I took the stairs as always. I knew I was late when I opened the door to the meeting room and everyone went silent.

"Finally.!" David said and I just rolled my eyes at him. My reputation was like some spoiled brat. All thanks to my dad he had gave me the right to do whatever I want and honestly I had never got this much attention and love from my own parents.

I went towards dad. He engulfed me into one of his bear hug. "You are looking pretty my child." he kissed my cheeks.

"Thanks dad." I took a seat beside him.

"So shall we continue.?" one of the guy asked.

"We shall." Dad said.

"We had visited the place where they had kept Mr and Mrs Khan. It is an abandoned two story house. Which is heavily guarded. I guess there were almost fifty of the men guarding that place." he paused and than looked at me.

"I don't think it is adequate to take Mrs Beckham with us." that got me angered.

"Who asked you about what you think.?!" I snapped at him.

"Calm down Maha. He is just looking out for you." Smith defended that guy.

"I have enough people to look after me. He should just do his job." never mess with a girl on her monthly cycle.

"Kayden. I suggest you to dictate the plan rather than debating who should go or who shouldn't." Dad said firmly.

He just nodded his head and proceeded with the plan. There were around 60 people who were going to go with us. Dad had ordered David, Austin, William, Drake, Keith, Hassan, Troy and two more guys to stay by my side all the time.

He said he can't risk my life. I tried to protest but he didn't budge. Others will be going to attack the men guarding the house. And than we will enter into that house. Dad had selected the best agents for this mission. We know that we can't get a hold of Richard he is not a fool to stay at the same place. So we are just planning to get my parents out.

It will not be as easy as it sounds. I just want my parents by hook or crook.

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