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               Rayne and I stared intensively at our phones as we browsed every continent of it. We received so many messages because we missed school, so now we were texting back since we just woke up. It's only the beginning since our first class should have started about now. Not sure what we were doing awake but it seemed like we weren't tired anymore. We slept long enough, I guessed.

               It felt so right, to be next to him, cuddling in bed. It always felt right being in his presence.

               "Miranda slapped Jo," he muttered.

               "What?" I asked, confused.

               "Miranda, slapped, Jo," he repeated.

               "Oh, I thought you said Miranda slapped a ho."

               He chuckled. "Yeah, Jo is one."

               I pushed the sheets aside and got out of bed to stretch. Rayne stared at me with lust in his eyes.

               "No," I answered quickly.

               "I didn't say anything."

               "But you were going to. And the answer is no. I'm drained, if you know what I mean." I grinned.

               "Get back in bed," he pleaded.

               I grabbed the keys from the kitchen counter and entered the bedroom again.

               "I'm just going to go get us breakfast."

               His eyes scanned me up and down. "In your boxers?"

               I shrugged. "I'm just going through the drive through." I sat at the edge of the bed, putting on my shoes. Rayne crawled towards me and wrapped his arms around me, kissing my back and neck.

               "I love you so much," he whispered in my ear.

               "I love you, too," I responded, smiling back at him. "I'll be back in a few minutes."

               The mischievous little devil pulled back my boxers when I tried heading out the door and released it, making it snap hard against my ass. He giggled, childishly getting entangled in the bed sheets.

               I glared at him and ran back in the bedroom. I jumped right on top of him and tickled him everywhere.

               "Stop, stop, stop," he repeated while laughing hysterically.

               He was extremely weak when I tickled him, so he would never be able to push me off.

               I planted a kiss on his forehead and released him from my grip. He breathed heavily, chest pumping hard. His face was also red, from blushing and lack of air. I'm probably going to continue tickling him when I come back.

               "I'll be back in a few minutes." I eyed him, making sure he wasn't going to try anything else.

               "Nice ass, by the way," he muttered.

               I rolled my eyes, grabbing the keys again and heading past the kitchen. "I've heard that plenty of times." I gave him a smirk from a distance.

               "I can't wait to get in that ass." he licked his lips, biting them and lastly blowing me a kiss.

               I made sure I turned around quickly, so he wouldn't see the scarred-for-life look on my face. Dear God, I forgot that I promised him we would switch next time. Why. Why?! I was caught in the moment of pleasure! I would have said anything!. It was almost like being drunk. You say things you don't mean.

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