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               "Jesse! No! Stop!" Rayne screamed as I chased him down the hall.

               "Come here and let me love you!" I screamed back at him.

               Good grace, the boy is as fast as a cheetah. He better work those legs.

               "Leave me alone!"

                I told him I was going to get revenge, and this is me keeping my word.

               Chasing him down the hall wasn't my plan, I have to catch him and drag him into my room first. Looks like it's going to be a little hard. We're both very different in terms of strength. He has a slim figure, long legs which were made for running and he's tall. I have the muscular body - not the really buff kind, just enough to be bigger than him. And I lift things, so my legs become useless.

               "Curse white boys!" I groaned as my legs began to burn. Feel the burn, Jesse!

               I ended up collapsing on the floor. Oh baby. I need to go running sometime, what if it was a zombie that I was running away from? I need to be able to run and escape from the flesh eating monsters.

              "Do you give up?" He asked from the end of the hall.

              "Sure, what ever," I breathed heavily and relaxed. The floor isn't that bad, it's kind of comfortable.

              I heard his footsteps coming closer and closer, and when he was right next to me, I grabbed his leg and didn't let go. Ha! Caught him. I didn't really pretend that I was dying from exhaustion, I really was tired like heck.

               "Let go of me," He gritted through his teeth.

               I got up without releasing him. When I did, I pulled him right over my shoulders and walked away like nothing ever happened. I ignored his weak punches. Like I said earlier, he got lucky.

               We got a few weird looks but did I care? Hell no. I'll shove their eyes down their throats if they have a problem with Rayne and I. They know better than to mess with me. I give no one mercy. I mean poor Rayne, I almost punched him that first night we met.

               I'm such a jerk. But I won't ever be a jerk to him again. Others yes but him no.

               I kicked my door open and saw Phil on his bed just surfing the Internet. I nodded at him as I closed the door and locked it.

               "Sup," He said.

               "Nothing much, you?"

               "Stalking people on Facebook."

               "Sounds fun."

               "Bastards," Rayne cursed at us.

                I dropped him on my bed and pushed him back down when he tried to get up. I gave him the warning look. He better not move. I'll be forced to tie him up to my bed. I glared at him before I quickly dashed inside the closet and took out my secret box.

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