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               (One week later, Friday afternoon)

               "I'm going to freaking spank the shit out of you, Benjamin Ray Byrne!" I growled at him.

               "You really want to do that, don't you?" He frowned as he jumped around in my room.

               "Stop jumping on the beds!" I ordered, but he wouldn't listen.

               He flashed his middle finger at me, and I blinked. Hyper Rayne is worst than the apocalypse. He jumped around from my bed to Phil's bed ever since he woke up singing to Justin Bieber. He totally fits the gay role.

               "Make me!"

               "Don't tempt me!"

               He launched himself towards my bed but I caught him easily and spun him around to kiss his sweet lips. He giggled into my mouth as my hands explored his sensitive areas, and I tickled him.

               "No! Jesse, stop!" He laughed, getting weak into my arms.

               "I told you not to tempt me!" 

               "I'm sorry! Please stop!" He begged.

               That only made me tickle him more, until his face became a cute red. I let go of him and he dropped on the floor like a sack of potatoes, as if he didn't have any bones in him. His laughter subsided after a few seconds and then he got up and jumped on my bed again.

               Frowning, I grabbed his hand and pulled him on my lap, where I spanked his ass for being a disobedient boyfriend. He struggled, but I was obviously the stronger one, so there was no use in trying.

               "Ow! I'm going to report you for abusing me!"

               I slapped his ass harder.

               "Shut up, you like it!"

               "I do! Harder!" He screamed. "Oh yeah, baby! Harder!"

               My eyes bulged, he just turned the tables against me didn't he? I stopped smacking him, before someone walks in wondering what the hell we're doing. I don't really want to explain that I was not making gay love to Rayne, in a very disturbing way.

               He dropped on the floor, again, and breathed heavily.

               "You know," I began, "you're really hard to control when you're hyper."

               He grinned. "Is it? I thought you were handling it quite well."

               My cheeks flustered at the thought of me spanking him without any clothes on. I'm such a pervert. But that's normal, right? To imagine yourself spanking your loved one.

               I watched his stomach rise as he breathed heavily. It made me smile to see him breathing, to know that he was alive. Something so wonderful and loving, alive.

               "Want to go outside?" I asked.

               "And do what?"

               I shrugged. "Do you know how to play basketball?"

               He frowned. "What's so hard about throwing a ball into a basket?"

               "Fair enough," I muttered, grabbing his hand and pulling him up.

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