[Vote; The little girl cringed in pain from the bite of the wooden puppet - whose lips were now dripping in red. The puppet felt crazed as soon as the blood touched it's tongue. But how did this puppet have a tongue? The little girl's eyes widened when she realized what this puppet was, and then she made a run for it. The girl tripped before she could escape the shop, and was dragged down the halls as her nails dug into the hard concrete floor. She screamed in agony as her nails broke out of her skin, causing blood to trail down the path. She disappeared through the back room and was never seen again...

One morning a local gentlemen was walking by the store when he spotted a freshly new made puppet sitting on the shelf, next to hundreds of other puppets - one including the terrifying puppet that was never ever sold.]

                [Jesse's Point Of View...]

               "Stop!" I cried loudly as I tried to crawl away from my counselor's office. She was pulling me back inside by my foot and wasn't letting go. "Let me go! I need to get back to my last class!"

               "No, Jesse! You need to stay and talk about your future!"

               "I'm not gonna have a future if I don't get back to my man!"

               "Just because I'm the first grown up you came out to doesn't mean you're gonna get pity from me!" She dragged me in with one big pull. Damn she's strong, like the hulk.

              "I don't want pity! I just want to see him!"


               I turned around as she dragged me further in, and grabbed another teacher's leg who was passing by.

               "Help me, teacher!"

               The teacher who I was holding on to easily shook me off and walked away. What? You're just gonna leave me like this? What if this was a killer teacher and she wanted to kill me? You'd just walk away like the hoe you are? Just because you have a uniform on doesn't mean you are important!

               "Jesse, stop acting like a child!"

              "Me?! You're the one dragging me across the floor like some dog. I'm not in the mood to talk about my future!"

               She dropped my foot and I quickly crawled away from her and pinned myself against the nearest wall. I breathed heavily as I stared back at her glare.

               "Fine, you can go but expect another call from me soon. We must have this conversation. It's crucial," She stated.

               "Yeah, yeah! Bye!" I ran out the door and headed down the long stairs.

               Time to see my Rayne, time to press my lips against his and make his world fall into pieces like a waterfall. I want to watch him shake like the bunny he is. Or like a cat who just came out of a bath.

               I wasn't patient enough to walk down each step so I just jumped over them. Until I fell on the last one and hurt my ankle. But it was fine, nothing broken or twisted. I got back on my feet and ran down the halls towards my last class. The bell should be ringing in a minute or two.

               Stupid teacher, why did she even take my phone away during class? We aren't in high school anymore. Who cares if I use it? It's not like I was interrupting anyone.

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