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               I groaned loudly as I shifted from side to side, trying to block out the unavoidable sunlight that was hitting my face. I stiffed, my muscles were suddenly on fire. And then I remembered that wonderful work out that Rayne and I did together.

               I smiled.

               Then it disappeared once I realized I had fallen asleep right after we did it.

              How could I have done that? Just fall asleep like that. I'm such a jerk. Rayne probably got upset that I just fell asleep like it was nothing to me. But I felt so tired and drowsy right after that I blacked out. It was too good to stand.

               "Morning," I heard his familiar voice. "Your mom and I made you breakfast."

               I squinted my eyes and looked for Rayne. He was at the door holding a tray of food.

               "Hi," I rasped, closing my eyes again.

               I heard him put the tray on the desk and then all of the sudden he jumps on top of me.

               "Wake up," he hollered in a playful voice. "You've slept enough. It's 2 in the afternoon."

               He turned me on my back and kissed my cheek. I was trying to wake up but it's hard when your eyes feel like ten thousand pounds. He smelled fresh, like soap.

               "I'm awake," I groaned.

               At least someone was in a good mood and not limping like I had imagined. He took it well, literally.

               I sat up on the edge of the bed, slowly rocking back and forth. Rayne moved behind me and wrapped his arms around my neck. He whispered he loved me and kissed my shoulder.

               "I love you too," I replied, turning back to kiss his forehead. "I'm going to take a shower."

               "Eat when you're done. I'll be downstairs."

               I nodded at him. I need the shower to wake up.

               After he left I got in the shower and let the warm water cascade down my body, washing away last night's memory. The water felt good against my skin, it definitely woke me up. Once I left the shower I quickly brushed my teeth and got into one of my bathrobes.

                The food Rayne had brought was now on my bed, he must have moved it. It looked delicious so I grabbed the fork and stabbed the eggs. They were even more delicious once they were in my mouth. It tasted different than my mom's cooking. It had a hint of Rayne. I was eating ...Rayne.

               "Hey," I looked up and saw Rayne at the door. "How are you feeling?"

               "I'm good," I smiled, shyly avoiding his eyes. "You?"

               "I'm fine," he said as he sat down next to me.

               I watched him rub his hands together. And then I looked up at him again, our eyes meeting.

               "Well this is awkward," I mumbled.

               He grinned. "Do you want to talk about it?"

                I grabbed his hand and brushed my thumb over his palm. His hands were smooth.

               "Did you like it?" I asked him.

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