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               (Jesse's Point Of View)

               Rayne blinked. "We're what?"

               I looked down, smirking. "Do you really want me to repeat myself?"

               "Well when you say it like that it makes me feel like you're going to force me."

               That wiped the smirk right out of my face. I didn't mean to make it seem like I was forcing him. I would never do something like that. My stupid humor never comes out right. I'm so stupid sometimes.

               "I'm sorry," I quickly apologized, "I swear that I didn't mean it like that."

               He chuckled. "I know. I'm just messing with you."

               I frowned. "That's not nice, Rayne. I say stupid things and I don't know if it will hurt you or not."

               "Now it's my turn to tell you to shut up and kiss me."

               "Kiss yourself," I muttered.

               "Oh come on," he groaned, "be happy, Jesse, your mom accepted you!"

               "I know," I mumbled, getting up and taking the plates with me.

               Rayne quickly got up from his seat and followed me to the kitchen. His hands slid around my waist and his head rested on my back as I washed the dishes. His embrace became tighter and tighter until I couldn't breathe right.

               I dropped the dishes and turned around to look at him. "I'm very happy being with you."


               I grinned. "No but."

               He grabbed my chest and gently pushed me against the counter. "I want you so badly."

               My eyes widened. "In what way?"

               "Every way."

               "What happened to the real Rayne?"

               "You've poisoned him," he grinned.

               "Want to go upstairs?" I asked him.

               For some reason he looked offended. He stepped back and shook his head.

               I rolled my eyes. "I don't mean to do ... things. I just mean to hang out, watch a movie or something. I think my mom is trying to process that I'm with you, that's why she's hiding in her room."

               He waved his hands towards the stairs. "Let's go then."

               I darted forward and grabbed him in my arms. He looked at me weird as I carried him towards the stairs. This will be like the day we get married, when I bring him home and we make sweet love. Except now I'm bringing him to my ten year old room to watch some T.V.

               "I'm impressed that you can carry me," he whispered into my neck, which made my skin crawl from his hot breath.

               "You're not that heavy and I'm not weak," I retorted.

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