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               I exited the showers fully clothed - Why? Because there are guys just walking in and out of the bathroom and I am not going to expose my nudity to the world and make all the guys jealous of me. Heh. I think I'm spending too much time with Jesse. But is a few hours enough to make me conceited?

               Either way, the bathrooms had a few guys who were all getting ready just like every single day. It's new to me because it's the first time I take a shower this early. I'm kind of shy so I use the bathroom when no one is here.

               But Priscella, Jesse, Phil and even a few people that I don't know were rushing me an hour ago to wake up and get ready. I don't want to be the loser who gets up late and ends up pulling everyone behind.

               There was this guy who was putting on mascara, for real. He didn't even look gay, just like a big mess of darkness. When his eyes darted to me through the mirror I kind of jumped and skipped out of the bathroom faster than a cheetah.

               I walked down the hall, my clothes dripping wet because I don't have the guts to walk around with just a towel - like everyone else. Including girls.

               A girl who was walking by smiled at me. "Hey, Rayne."

               I looked back at her. "Hey..."

               Do I know her?

               Shrug. I entered my room, my roommate was gone again. I don't think we'll be close friends. He's barely even here, always at his girlfriend's house. I wonder why he doesn't just go live with her. Hm, parents! Of course...

               Once inside, I locked the door just to be safe and I quickly undressed as I rubbed the dry towel over my wet body. My clothes were already on my bed, I picked them up as soon as I woke up. Pretty simple; black jeans, some shoes, a class looking shirt, a grey hooded jacket and a belt for smacking around some hoes who try to get with me.

               Their drunk ass selves are going no where near me, unless it's Jesse.

               After I was dressed, I heard a knock on my door and I quickly rushed to it - while also tripping over the air. I opened the door and Priscella stood there, leaning against the door frame like some kind of prostitute. She even looked like one, no offense to her.

               She blew her nails as she looked at me. "The boys are wondering if you're ready."

               "Almost," I looked back to see if I missed anything.

               "When you're done, go out to the parking lot and you'll see us there."


               I closed the door when she left and I walked towards my nightstand - where my cologne was, and I sprayed myself a couple of times. I tossed my wallet and my phone inside my pocket, and after staring at the wall for five minutes, I left the room and made my way towards the parking lot.

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