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               I looked up at Aaron as he whispered something to Rayne who sat next to him. Rayne quickly tried not to smile and ended up with a crooked smile.

               I wondered if Rayne mentioned that I was his boyfriend. Did Aaron know or did he think I was just some loser who sat in his own quiet despair?

               The food arrived a few minutes later and we all dug in.

               "Jesse," Priscella turned to me. "I heard Zoey got pregnant. Did you know this?"

               I shook my head and stuffed my mouth with French fries as an excuse not to talk. I should have ordered more French fries.

               I think Priscella noticed that my happiness was completely destroyed at this point. She wasn't joking and she wasn't punching me. She has known me for a very long time, almost as much as Phil so she would know if something was wrong.

               The food in front of me didn't look appetizing anymore. I lost the hunger that I didn't even have in the first place. So I just stared at my plate and carefully listened to what others said around me.

               "I don't think she'll make it in the real world. She's just not good," Rayne said, rolling his eyes.

               "With new equipment and crew then she could make it far," Aaron pointed out.

               Rayne shrugged "She has potential, I give her that."

               Aaron chuckled. "You just said she wasn't good. Make up your mind, Ray."

               Ray. His middle name. He wouldn't even let me call him that but he let Aaron?

               I sighed and took out my wallet. I dropped a twenty dollar bill on the table, got up and walked away without a word. That should cover my food and the tip for the waitress. Rayne's eyes finally had set on mine as I walked away but I didn't stop.

               "Where is he going?" I heard one of them say.

               I walked out of the restaurant and headed out into the docks. I shoved my hands inside my pockets and looked at the motionless water. The boats all floated gently with the wind. I reached the end and sat down with my legs dangling just above the water.

               The sun was bright and the sky was cloudless. It was a perfect day for going to the beach or just hanging out with your friends. But I wasn't in the mood to do anything right now.

               I was joined by a shadow, as I expected, Priscella sat down next to me with her plate of food on her lap. Only her.

               "Are you going to tell me what's wrong?" she asked after a few silent minutes passed.

               "Nothing is wrong."

               "Oh please. Oh please. Girl. Don't even ... I know something is wrong. So talk to me."

               I shook my head, looking down at the tiny fishes that swam around. "Nothing."

               "Come on, Jesse," she sighed. "You're usually outgoing and making everyone laugh. Something is wrong. You wouldn't even touch your food except when I asked you questions. Is it Aaron? Are you jealous? Because in my opinion, Rayne just sees him as a friend. They just met at work and he's socializing."

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