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               "What do you want, Cassy?" Rayne hissed at his phone. I watched him from my bed as he walked around my room with his phone to his ear. "Okay. Well you can tell her to wait till after I'm back. You know I'm away right now."

               It drove me crazy when his attention wasn't on me for a mere second. I was completely obsessed with him. Not in a creepy way but in a very lovable way. I wanted to hug him and keep him in my arms forever. So when he didn't pay attention to me it bothered me. I know it's bad but I just want to love him every single second of our lives. I've got it bad.

               "Yes," he rolled his eyes.

               I turned over to watch him as he gazed out the window into the front yard. I smirked as my eyes scanned his back and down to his ass. I really wanted to know how it would be to make love to Rayne. It's something so strange and out of the ordinary but it intrigued me in every way. My thoughts weren't as cluttered as they were in the beginning. So now I wanted to experience everything without fear.

               There was something about two men deeply in love that sent my senses on fire. It's passionate and very different from girls. I believe that it's almost better than being straight. Many people won't understand that feeling, because sexuality isn't a choice. Maybe some people develop it very late in their life but it will never be a choice.

               Everything about Rayne made my skin feel ice cold, almost incomplete and wanting to feel the warmth of his body against mine. His face was pure perfection, a soul made perfectly in the eyes of God. There is no confusion. I know now.

               "Okay, bye." He hung up looking annoyed. He turned around, staring at his phone and dropping it in his pocket. He looked at me with a blank expression.

               "What's wrong?" I asked.

               He shrugged. "Just Cassy and her stupid jobs."

               "You got another job or something?"

               He walked over to the bed and sat at the edge. "Yeah. Her friend is a photographer and wants to use me in her new photo shoot. She saw my pictures and said I looked great for what the photographer had in mind."

               "You seem upset by it. You don't want to do it?"

               "I do," he responded quickly. "But Cassy is stressing me out with the future deadlines and such. I tell her I can't do everything she offers me because I'm in school and I'm going to be busy with the internships and such."

               I nodded, understanding. "Do what you want not what she wants you to do. Managers get really mean even if they are your own family."

               He snorted. "I don't care if Cassy gets mean. I get meaner. I'm just worried about the pressure. I don't want to do bad in school."

               "Stop worrying so much."

               "I can't stop worrying!"

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