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               The very loud sound of my phone startled me awake. My hands blindly searched for the device on my nightstand until I found it. I looked at the screen, the bright light burned my eyes, it was Priscella. I was tempted to throw the phone against the wall and go back to sleep but I didn't feel Rayne next to me.

               "Hello?" I answered in a low voice.

               "It's about time you woke up. I've been calling you for ten minutes." She sounded annoyed.

               I pinched the bridge of my nose and squinted my eyes as I sat up. "What do you want?"

               "Um. Aren't you supposed to be over here helping with the freaking furniture? Rayne is making me lift a couch and his apartment is on the second floor. I don't know about you but my bones will break if you don't come this instant."

               "Wait. You're moving his things in now?"

               "Yeah?" I could already imagine the obvious look on her face.

               I sighed. "Why didn't he wake me up? We planned this day before we left my mom's house."

               "He told me he didn't want to wake you up. But he has way too many things and I am not strong enough. We need all the help we can get. And Aaron's muscles are the only thing we got."

               I blinked hard. "Aaron is there?"

               "Yeah. He picked him up after he got me."

               I hung up the phone, my hands shaking from the anger building inside of me. The confused, hurt and burning anger that wanted to shred Rayne into pieces.

               I made sure that I took my time before heading out to my car. I dressed and brushed my teeth slowly. All in hope that I would calm down before I drove off to see Rayne. I didn't want to be angry when I saw him.

               The Rayne I knew three days ago wouldn't have left me here in my sleep. He would have climbed on me and slapped me till I popped my eyes open. He would have greeted me with a kiss and a smile on his face. He wouldn't have left me. He wouldn't.

               He definitely didn't care about Aaron's sleep. He would rather have a total stranger he just met than his own boyfriend. This wasn't just about helping him move in, it was about doing it together. A memory that won't exist because he was too stubborn to realize he's pushing me away.

               I was hoping a good night sleep would help with these thoughts, make me realize I was being stupid and paranoid. But it only made me realize I was right.

               I still couldn't believe that Rayne could cause such a storm in my head. He could make me so depressed in a snap of a finger. I belonged to him and there was no turning back. Once you're in love, you can never go back.

               How did I know that Rayne was acting strange? Right before we left my mom's house, he told me that he was moving into his new apartment and needed my help. The best part was when he said I couldn't say no and I had to help him no matter what.

               So why did he leave me and went to Aaron instead? Because I was sleeping? Well, I was about to find out.

               Priscella kept calling me, meaning she still needed me. Which meant they were still there.

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