I was hiding inside my closet, why? Zoey is right outside my freaking door that's why! Zoey is like that, she invites herself to anything and everything. She doesn't care if she isn't invited to something, she just walks right through everyone's toes to get to where she wants.

               Even though she was right outside, I still quietly munched on my chips because I was hungry.

               She doesn't know that I'm in here—Phil is outside trying to get rid of her.

               I tried to eavesdrop their conversation but I couldn't hear anything. If I open the door, I might make noise and then I'll be dead. So instead I just listened to the subtle muffled sounds coming from the outside.

               Hm, these chips are so good. I don't even know what kind they are, I found them on the floor so I ate them.

               I suddenly heard a knock, it threw me off and I crashed against the ladder behind me. The door opened, revealing Phil with a grin on his face.

               I slowly reached in the bag of chips and threw another in my mouth. "Is she gone?" I whispered in a throaty voice.

               He nodded. "She's gone."

               I sighed, standing up and rubbing my butt. "Thank God. I was sitting on something pointy and now my butt hurts."

               He raised a brow, "You're thanking God for sitting on a pointy object?"

               I smacked him, "No you idiot. I'm thanking God that Zoey is gone. What did she want? Tell me everything!"

               He scratched his head nervously, "Well ... " He gulped. "I don't know why I'm nervous but I have a feeling you're going to hit me for some reason."

               I shook his shoulders, "Tell me man! What did she say?!"

               "Hello, Jesse."

               I shrieked, squealed, screamed and all of the above. I also probably peed a little.

              "Hi..." Gulp. "Zoey..."

               She leaned against the door frame, blinking at me with a smile. She looked nice today. Long eyelashes and not too much make up. Long, golden, straight hair falling right over her shoulders.

               "How are you, darling?"

               "I'm...I'm good."

               "Were you guys talking about me?"

               I shot Phil a look, he needs to learn how to close a freaking door.

               "Of course not." I laughed nervously.

               I'm usually not nervous, but Zoey is an exception. She's like the female Hitler.

               "Want to come outside for a talk?" She asked in a sweet tone, which meant I'm gonna kill you once you step outside. 

               "I ... I ... I Can't." I stuttered, "I have to get ready for Priscella's sleepover."

               "You're going to that?" Phil asked, his mouth hanging open in shock.

               I closed his mouth, "Priscella kind of forced me." I muttered shyly.

               Zoey cleared her throat, feeling as if she wasn't there—which I wish she wasn't.

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